Beyoncé Sexed Up The Grammy’s Last Night



The 2014 Grammy’s were last night. I know, I’m just as shocked as you. I thought for sure they stopped forcing that crap on people in 1960. We only need to look at how many awards Macklemore won to see just how irrelevant the Grammy’s are.

Anyways, I was eating an elaborate dinner of foods that will improve the taste of my semen when a friend texted me to say, “I think Beyoncé’s boobs are out on TV.”

To which I replied, “Yo, what show are Beyoncé’s boobs on?”

And then he was all like, “Yo, the Grammy’s dog.”

To which I replied, “Yo, the Grammy’s? I thought they stopped forcing that crap on people in 1960.”

I didn’t bother turning on the TV because surely it was too late and the internet would have conclusive evidence the next day. Except for today is the next day and if Beyoncé’s boobs really did make an appearance last night, you’d think people would be dancing in the streets celebrating Queen B.

All I know is that I’ve watched Beyoncé’s sexy “Drunk In Love” performance from last night’s Grammy’s fifty-something times and I have no idea if her boobs came out.

Though, even if her boobs are covered up, it’s still one hell of a sexy performance.

Don’t you guys just hate Jay-Z now? I sure do.

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Published on: January 27, 2014

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