Bibi Jones Striptease at Mystique

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Bibi Jones

Remember in February 2013?

No, neither do I.

I’m sure a lot of important stuff happened in February 2013, but the only thing that comes to mind is Bibi Jones’s return to the adult industry.

There was hype surrounding Bibi Jones’s return (which might have had something to do with that crazy offer we made to Rob Gronkowski), but for whatever reason I haven’t seen anything from Bibi Jones since she’s been back in porn.

She’s been in three porn movies already this year, but for some reason they slipped under my radar.

Can we even be sure that she’s back doing porn?

Yes. We can.

Bibi Jones isn’t just back doing porn videos, she’s hit the feature dance circuit as well.

Don’t you wish you could go watch a Bibi Jones striptease at your favorite, neighborhood strip-club? Of course you do! Everyone does!

Unfortunately, there might not be a way to see a Bibi Jones striptease at your favorite, neighborhood strip-club. But it’s not all bad news. The good people of Mystique Gentleman’s Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut have posted a video of Bibi Jones doing a sexy striptease at their club.

Let’s watch:

Oh yeah. Bibi Jones is definitely back. In a big way.

I’ve never been to Mystique. I’ve never been to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Regardless of those facts, I’d like nominate Mystique for Strip-Club of the Year 2013.

Obviously Bibi Jones’s appearance at Mystique was awesome but they’re following it up with an Asa Akira appearance.

If you’re on the East Coast, get your butt down to Bridgeport, Connecticut for September 20th and the 21st to catch Asa Akira.

Thank you Mystique for reminding us all that Bibi Jones is definitely back in the porn business.

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