Big Butts = Health And Intelligence



Loyal pawns, you all know that I’ve always been drawn to big butts.

Personally, I just assumed that my obsession with ass was a by-product of falling asleep to rap music on full blast. But now I’m thinking I’m drawn to big butts because women with big butts are healthy and smarter than women with no ass.

According to scientists at the University of Oxford who examined over 16,000 women, women with big butts have lower cholesterol levels and are more likely to produce hormones that metabolize sugar. That means full-bootied women are less likely to have diabetes or heart problems. HEALTH!

For a woman to have a big butt, she needs to have an excess of Omega-3 fats, which is good for brain development. INTELLIGENCE!

Now does this mean all women with big butts are smarter and healthier than average-bootied women?

Probably not. Maybe you should go talk to them. Ask them about their education and their medical history. Worst case scenario you’ll get see, grab, and spank and big ole butt.

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Published on: October 31, 2013

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