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Isn’t riding a bike fun?

Going for a bike ride is one of the best summer time activities. But let’s be honest, sometimes it can be a little boring.

Since summer is winding down, I’m taking it upon myself to ensure that the last weeks of summer are as fun and as sexy as possible. With that in mind, I’ve got something to turn make riding a bike more fun and sexy for the rest of the summer.

Turn your bike into a sex toy with the Happy Ride vibrating bike seat! Take a look:

Happy Ride vibrator

Happy Ride Vibrating Bike Seat

Just slip the Happy Ride bike seat over your regular non-vibrating bike seat and voila your bike is converted into a big, practical sex toy.

You can control the vibration with a little remote that tucks neatly into a little pocket attached to the seat cover.

The Happy Ride bike seat can be purchased from SexShop365 in the UK. It costs £28.00 ($43.00).

That might seem pricey but your bike will be:

  • Good exercise
  • Good for the environment
  • Fast transportation
  • Sexually satisfying

Turning your bike into a sex toy does so much good, why wouldn’t you do it?

Just promise me you won’t ride your sex toy bike on busy roads or the highway. You don’t want to be sexually stimulated to the point where you’re not paying attention to traffic.

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Published on: August 19, 2013

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    very good ideas for have best pleasures !

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