Bill Gates’s Condom Challenge

Condoms  laying over a pile of us dollars bills

The essentials: Condoms and money

Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates has finally come to the realization that we here at the Blog figured out a long time ago…

Macs are way cooler

Condoms need a makeover. He believes that a new type of condom will increase health benefits world wide. And Bill Gates is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Bill Gates is prepared to give away a $100,000 grant to whoever can create the next generation condom.

Though effective, the condoms that we use haven’t really changed much in the last 50 years. And even though there is no evidence that condoms decrease the pleasure of sex, that myth is too widespread to be debunked from the cultural consciousness. To improve condoms and dispel rumors that are putting people at risk, it’s for the best that Bill Gates and friends come up with something completely free of stigma.

Who knows, maybe the new condoms will have pleasure enhancing qualities?

Do you think you can help revolutionize sex with a new condom design? Before you call up Bill Gates and collect on that $100,000, you should review this list of Condom Challenge Do’s and Don’ts:

* Application of safe new materials that may preserve or enhance sensation;

* Development and testing of new condom shapes/designs that may provide an improved user experience;

* Application of knowledge from other fields (e.g. neurobiology, vascular biology) to new strategies for improving condom desirability.

We will not consider funding for:

* Exclusively non-technological, social, or educational interventions;

* Testing of existing commercially available products;

* Proposals without a clearly articulated hypothesis or plan for testing the proposed product’s value in overcoming adherence issues;

* Concepts that are inherently too expensive for a developing world setting;

* Concepts that would sacrifice the value of condoms for prevention of either unplanned pregnancy or HIV infection.

For more information, click here or here.

I think it’s great that Bill Gates is throwing himself behind a condom-redesign. There are a lot of good options for new condoms but they just don’t get the proper funding or attention they deserve to make an impact. With Bill Gates, his wife Melinda, and their foundation in the driver’s seat, there’s a very good chance that condoms could be vastly improve in ways we never thought possible.

In the meantime, I will be perfecting my own condom design to try and hopefully win the $100,000 myself. So far I have a garbage bag and an elastic band. Chico’s Homemade Condoms are going to be great.

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