Bonnie Rotten Is Elegant Angel’s New Squirtwoman


Bonnie Rotten aka Squirtwoman

When Bonnie Rotten sat down with Chris Nieratko for a little interview, she spoke about her squirting and that now, “I can’t really control [my squirting] because I’ve done it so much. Now, like if I’m cumming, and there’s a dick in my pussy. Done. Or in my ass.”

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Though some people might see Bonnie Rotten’s inability to control her squirting as a handicap or a form of incontinence, the good people at Elegant Angel have decided to bestow the title of Squirtwoman onto her.

Yes, the reigning AVN Performer of the Year Bonnie Rotten is also the new Squirtwoman.  

“It’s awesome to be the new Squirtwoman,” Bonnie Rotten said. “Squirting was something that I never knew I could do, but I did it a couple of times and now I love it. It’s one of my favorite things to do in a movie. So, it’s awesome to be named Squirtwoman and have the title. I’m really excited and honored that Elegant Angel chose me.”

“There are three things you look for when casting a Squirtwoman,” director of the Squirtwoman series Toni Ribas said. “You want the girl to be pretty. You want her to be a good performer; a total sex freak. And, she has to love squirting. Bonnie Rotten has all three things. She’s beautiful, she loves to fuck with intensity, and she gets off on squirting. She is our perfect Squirtwoman, and the fans are going to love her, and lose their minds when they see what we have for them.”

Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman is scheduled for release in late April. The video will show Bonnie Rotten’s transformation from squirt-padawan to squirt-master through a series of hardcore sex scenes and intimate interviews. The first half of the movie will show Bonnie Rotten discovering her ability to squirt, while the second half will show how she uses this power to be empowered. Ahh. My favorite genre of porn: bildungsroman porn.

Though Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman won’t be available until April, you can join for just $5. It’s a special deal that’s only available to readers of the Blog like you because if you’re reading this, you’re a Blog reader. So why not sign up now? You can get caught up on all the other Squirtwoman movies while you wait.


And while we wait for Bonnie Rotten’s debut as Squirtwoman, check out this sneak preview courtesy of Elegant Angel.


Damn! That girl can squirt. No wonder she’s the new Squirtwoman.

Ever want to learn to squirt like Bonnie Rotten? Then this is for you: How To Squirt: The Female Ejaculation Guide.


Bonnie Rotten

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