Bonnie Rotten is a Performer of the Year 2014


Bonnie Rotten PotT 2014

In case you haven’t been checking the Blog multiple times in the last 48 hours (like some kind of crazy person), you may not know that we’re celebrating the achievement of 5 super sexy ladies. Elegant Angel just announced their Performers of the Year 2014 and to honor these sexy babes, we’re giving them all Top 10’s to reassure you that their Performer of the Year status is well deserved.

If you missed them, you might want to check out Remy Lacroix’s Top 10 and Maddy O’Reilly’s Top 10.

Today, we honor the great Bonnie Rotten with a Top 10 reasons Bonnie Rotten is a Performer of the Year 2014 (as explained in porn gifs).

Ready to see why this tattooed, badass beauty is a Performer of the Year 2014


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No one goes harder than Bonnie Rotten!

That’s why she’s a Performer of the Year 2014.

Make sure to visit Elegant Angel regularly so that you don’t miss seeing Bonnie Rotten and those four other super babes in Performers of the Year 2014!


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