Brazil’s 2nd virgin auction

Brazil’s original virgin, Catarina Migliorini

Soccer. Samba. Sexy beach. Fast Five.

These are the things we think about when we think about Brazil. However, now there’s one more thing we need to add to that list: Virginity Auctions.

Remember when Catarina Migliorini auctioned off her virginity last Fall for $780,000? Well, it appears that she’s inspired another young, Brazilian virgin to do the same.

18 year old Rebecca Bernardo posted a video on Youtube last month offering her virginity to the highest bidder in hopes of paying for her mother’s medical bills (unlike Catarina who may or may not donate her fortune to charity). Her mother has be bedridden since suffering a stroke just before Rebecca’s 18th birthday.

Let’s watch Rebecca’s Youtube video!

Assuming that most of you don’t speak Portuguese, she said, “My name is Rebecca and I’m here to auction off my virginity.”

Even though the auction is for her mother, the mother is none too pleased with it telling CNN, “…she shouldn’t have to prostitute herself.” Rebecca worked as a waitress prior to the auction but it was not enough to pay for a caretaker.

So far, the highest bid has been for $35,000.

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Published on: January 3, 2013

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