Brea Bennett Beautiful As Ever

brea bennett

Brea Bennett

When a retired pornstar comes back to the adult industry, the news can only be described as bittersweet. Just like when your favorite band decides to get back together.

When your favorite band decides to get back together, there’s always an initial nostalgia-induced excitement that they’re back and you’re finally going to get to see them play live again. That excitement quickly wears off when you hear their new single and realize that they’ll only be playing songs from their shitty new album and none of the songs you like.

With pornstars returning to making porn movies and porn pictures, the nostalgia-induced excitement is all there because their naked bodies have been branded into our memories. The difference of the bittersweetness comes from knowing that their return to porn is probably due to the fact they couldn’t maintain normal lives because everyone secretly knows them from porn.

It’s unfortunate but it happens. At least when a pornstar gets back in the business, her naked body is as a good as we remember it and not lame like your favorite reunited band’s first single.

Case in point, Brea Bennett.

She took a little break from the industry (which she talks about in the interview we did with her) and now she’s back with new photos by Twisty’s.

As you will see, Brea Bennett looks as beautiful as ever. Thank you Brea Bennett for coming back:


Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning? I can’t wait to see more from Brea!

Make sure you check out Brea Bennett’s Comeback Interview to get to know Brea a little better.

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Published on: October 8, 2013

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  • Eroscott

    Too much porn, too little time. I had never heard of Brea before now. She beautiful. I’ll have to look up some of her videos.

  • Cassidy Jay Blake

    What fine electronic body, for the pussy hey she shades away ur penis tears.