Breakfast in Bed with Elizabeth Marxs

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elizabeth marxs cover Breakfast in Bed with Elizabeth Marxs

Elizabeth Marxs

It’s New Year’s Eve!

That means you have a long night of partying and chasing chicks ahead of you. If you want this New Year’s Eve to be a successful one, you’re going to need to fuel up with a big breakfast.

You’ll also need to make sure you’re rested for the big night. So that’s why I recommend having breakfast in bed with Playboy’s Cybergirl of the Month Elizabeth Marxs so that you can have an incredible New Year’s Eve.

Enjoy this helping of the lovely and busty Elizabeth Marxs and let her nude body both relax and invigorate you. 


Feel ready to conquer New Year’s Eve now?

Just remember that while you’re having the best night of your life tonight, it was all made possible thanks to Elizabeth Marxs.

Sharing Gets You Laid
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