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Britney Amber

Well, it finally happened. I’ve hit the big time.

I don’t how or why she would agree to it but I got to interview adult superstar Britney Amber. For some mysterious reason, Britney Amber took some time away from feature dancing and shooting to talk to us about her 2013 thus far.

Obviously, I’m excited and you should be excited because it’s Britney-freaking-Amber. Let’s see what Britney had to say!

Enjoy the Britney Amber interview!

First of all, I keep hearing people refer to you as “Baby Whore”. What’s up with that nickname?

Babywhore is actually my Pussy’s nickname, that has nothing to do with me (lol).

Is it true that you had anal sex the first time you ever had sex?  How come it took until May 2013 for you to shoot an anal scene?

Well that’s not true, I first had anal sex over a year after losing my virginity. As for why I waited to shoot anal, my agent informed me waiting is the best for longevity in my career.

Just in case any of our readers are planning to try anal for the time soon, what pro-advice can you give them for great anal sex?

You have to relax of course and very slowly ease it in with good, thick lube. Once it’s completely in it feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt.

Barb Wire XXX is getting some serious love, particularly your performance as Barb. How much preparation do you usually do before shooting a parody? Is there pressure to make the porn parody as similar to the original as possible?

I watched Barb Wire many times to get the character down. Then I went out and bought a few different costumes that looked similar to what Barb wore in the movie, but sexier for porn;). With this movie there wasn’t pressure to make it exactly like the original, it was actually more like a sequel. It followed the plot of the original movie 2 years later.

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What can you tell us about Axel Braun’s upcoming Captain America parody? (Other than you look great as a 1940s USO soldier)

I did my scene with Aaron Wilcox who played Captain American. It was pretty hot in the studio and uncomfortable because we had to keep our costumes on throughout the scene, but besides that we had great chemistry so I think it’ll turn out to be a super hot scene!

Before you got started in the adult industry, you were working at the Moonlite Bunnyranch. Given your experience as an escort, what’s your take on the number of pornstars allegedly turning to escorting to make a living?

Working at the Bunnyranch or any legal brothel is different than escorting. It is a completely legal and safe establishment that requires all girls are tested once a week and anything done with a client is with a condom. The way some girls go about meeting guys on the streets is completely unsafe.

Do you think the country could benefit from legalizing brothels like Nevada?

Yes, obviously the country could benefit from all the tax money they could take from the brothels. Also It’ll prevent a lot of girls from prostitution on the streets, whereas they’ll have safe, regulated establishments

What’s the best way to kill time during a shooting moratorium?

I stayed pretty busy throughout the moratoriums. I shot solo scenes for my own site, did a couple solo web shows, and feature danced at a couple of clubs. I also had time to catching up on working out, dancing classes, and all my personal maintenance.

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What exactly does it mean to be an Immoral Productions contract star? Normally contract stars only work for that one studio, but I see you everywhere.

My contract with Immoral consist of me doing 3 scenes a month. It’s an unexclusive contract so I can still work for any company.

How many awards have you been nominated for so far this year? It feels like it’s in the hundreds already.

Well I got a few for the sex awards and night moves awards, which I won Best Female Performer at! But the XBIX and AVN nominations will be out next month so hopefully I’ll have many more;)!!

How does winning awards affect your career? Is it just nice to have the approval of your peers or do you end up making more after winning awards?

Since I’ve won Best Female Performer I was been booked for a big feature right afterward, not sure if it had anything to do with the win though? Its for Exquisite’s upcoming movie Justice League 2, I’ll be playing Super Girl!

That’s awesome! So while we wait for Justice League 2, can you fill in the blank; “After reading this interview everyone should…”?

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