Brooklyn Chase Interview!

Interviewing pornstars isn’t easy because they’re busy people. I don’t take it personally but it does make my life miserable at times.

That’s why I have such a special place in my heart for Brooklyn Chase.

There’s been a special place in my heart for Brooklyn Chase for a long time because she’s an incredibly sexy lady, but Brooklyn was real professional, easy to get a hold and just an absolute delight to interview. I didn’t think I could be a bigger Brooklyn fan than I was but I am. I hope you will be too.

So before we start, big thanks to you Brooklyn Chase. You’re a wonderful lady and I hope 2014 is the year of Brooklyn. 

Now, read this interview with the sweetest pornstar in the business Brooklyn Chase and prepare to fall in love. 

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– So how did a nice girl from sunny San Diego get into the porn industry?

I’ve always been a bit promiscuous. I found myself in a situation where I needed a new job and figured since I was fucking everyone anyways, this career path was for me!

– I know it’s not polite to talk about a lady’s age but I can’t believe you’re 28. I thought for sure you were only 18. At most 19. What’s the secret to looking young forever?

Why thank you! It’s in my genes. All the females in my family look very young for their age. However, I do try and take care of myself by drinking lots of water and taking care of my skin.

– What’s harder on the human body: running a half marathon or a gang bang?

Running a half marathon was 100 times harder on my body than a gangbang with 7 black guys. I can’t believe the pain that run caused me! The gangbang was a bit painful too, but in all very good ways!

– Your first gangbang scene for Dogfart just came out this August. How was it?

My first gangbang was amazing. Dogfart is an awesome place to work, and I always feel so comfortable there which allows me to produce great scenes. All of the males involved were a pleasure to work with. And, I love me some black men!

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– Can you tell us why you want an ass like Maddy O’Reilly’s?

I recently met Maddy and was mesmerized by the shape and firmness of her ass. Looking at, you can see how full and round it is. But getting to touch it, you learn that you could most likely bounce a quarter off it.

– Whose body parts would you steal to build the perfect porn star? I know I’d start building my perfect with your boobs and then figure it out from there.

At the risk of being conceited, I’d use my boobs, too. I would then take Maddy O’Reilly’s ass, Kendra Lust’s legs and Madison Ivy’s stomach. And now, I’m horny.

– I saw on your Tumblr that you’ve been having more anal sex both in movies and in your personal life. What would a lowly blogger have to do to have anal sex with Brooklyn Chase and not get beaten up by your boyfriend?

Filming it typically means it’s acceptable to my other half. Beyond that, I’d run for the hills if I were you!

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– I’m always impressed by the way porn stars are able to maintain monogamous relationships. How do you make your relationship work? 

I’m lucky to have a man that is not only turned on by what I do, but entirely confident in himself and our relationship. If an opportunity comes up to do a type of scene I haven’t yet done (interracial, gang bang, anal, etc.), I always run it by him first. I wouldn’t do a scene that he wasn’t comfortable with. Luckily, he hasn’t said no to any yet!

– Just to make the entire world envy your boyfriend, how do you like to seduce him?

A few nights ago I came out of the bedroom and saw him standing in the kitchen, looking in the fridge. Without saying a word, I walked up to him, closed the fridge, dropped to my knees, and started giving him a blowjob. I also like to jump in the shower with him or have him climb into bed and find me nude, instead of in my regular sweats and tank.

– Why is the Hitachi Magic Wand your favorite sex toy? Does it get much use now that you’re becoming one of the most popular pornstars in the world?

I don’t know what makes the Hitachi so amazing. But, I use it every single day at least once. Some days it’s more like five times. Mine is burning out…sighs.

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– What was the best sex you’ve ever had? (on set or in your personal sex life)

As much as sex ON camera turns me on, sex in my personal life is always the best. There are no lights, no cameras to turn towards, and no set positions to get into. I can act out my own fetishes based on my mood and have the satisfaction of pleasing a man that wants me and isn’t paid to be there.

– What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

I have always wanted to have sex in a clothing store dressing room. I want to be pressed up against a mirror, breathing hard, and knowing that people are walking by.

– 2014 is coming up quick. What do you have in store for us?

2014 is going to be the year of Brooklyn (I hope!) I will be starting off the year with my first AVN Expo, I will have my website launching, a few feature parts, and a ton of new scenes!

– Fill in the blank: After reading this interview everyone should “_____________________________”

Buy stock in Hitachi because I plan to continue to burn them out as quickly as I can.

But also follow Brooklyn Chase on Twitter: @Brooklyn_Chase

And ask her a question on Tumblr: BrooklynChaseXXX

Big thanks again to Brooklyn Chase and Erika from The RUB

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