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Bush, James Deen, and Jynx Maze

This sex blog (or porn blog, depending on who you ask) can be a bit of a boy’s club. While it’s fun, it’s kind of boring. That’s why I spoke with female porn blogger and friend EMJA from HotMoviesForHer.com to get the female perspective on porn for a change. 

So please enjoy our chat about trends in porn, male pornstars, and how having a personality can make a pornstar. 

Chico: Lately I’ve been noticing more bush and tan-lines in my HOTMOVIES. I’m somewhat ambivalent to these old trends coming back. As a woman, what do you think is in vogue for male pornstars?

Emja: First of all, I really hate boosh and lines. Like, hate. Cannot stand. In vogue for male pornstars? I honestly don’t see a trend at all.

Chico: Woah, woah, woah. What don’t you like about bush and tanlines?

Emja: Pubic hair is gross and smells bad and have you ever seen that movie Waiting?

Chico: I’ve never seen it but I know of it because like everyone else in the world, I’m a HUGE Ryan Reynolds fan. It also popularized the game where if someone sees your balls, you get to punch them.

Emja: Go to 1:21. You’ll understand.

Chico: Yikes.

Emja: It’s gross and that’s all I think of every time dani daniels sends out a vine of “daily boosh”. I can’t even look at it. Wanna yak.

Chico: Do you ever worry that the steroid-monster look will return for male pornstars? 

Emja: I hope not. who wants that? Other than, say, Derrick Pierce.

Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce

Chico: Why is Derrick Pierce the exception? Those tattoos look better while muscular?

Emja: It might have something to do with his hobby, which is MMA. So he just plays it up and uses it to his advantage

Chico: Oh yeah! I forgot he was an MMA dude. So like if every man in porn suddenly had Tommy Gunn’s body, you wouldn’t be feeling it?

Emja: NO! Hahahaha. No no way. It’s laughable. If I wanted to fantasize about that I’d go to those real-life fantasy erotic novel people.

Chico: To me that sounds more like ZZZ rather than XXX.

Emja: …

Chico: Like snoring. I’m so sorry. Terrible joke. And it’s not the first time I’ve made either.

Emja: …

Chico: I think it’s interesting that you’ve noticed the trends in women and none in men. Is it because you don’t pay much attention to the men?

Emja: First of all, the joke made me smirk, and at 9:27am that’s well done. Secondly, I do pay attention to the dudes but the industry doesn’t as much so i don’t think they worry so much about trends. Take my favorite series, right? It’s called Erotica X. They don’t advertise the men ANYWHERE even though it’s sensual erotica. It’s almost made for women yet the men aren’t listed. That both irritates and confuses me.

Dani Daneil

Dani Daniels

Male pornstars still take a backstage to all the women in the biz. They just show up for work and have fun with it and then go on to hobbies. The women are constantly promoting themselves in every form, doing feature dancing, stepping on the red carpet, etc.

Chico: Totally. Say what you will about pornstars but most of them are very smart at marketing themselves. I mean, I feel like the reason James Deen was able to achieve his current status as cross-over star/most popular male pornstar is because he was able to market himself in a way male pornstars haven’t really tried before

Emja: Yeah there really isn’t a generality you can compare to James Deen. You just can’t. Like Ron Jeremy, his story and history played out totally different as well and you just can’t compare that. Same with James Deen. I mean even in his interviews, in a peer group most men will tell you the “problems with being in the industry” and his answer? “My job is actually pretty easy and fun.”

He’s just special.

Chico: He is special. A very special young man. However, I am getting so sick of him. It’s not his fault, but he’s just getting over used.

Well it’s partially his fault because I feel like he’s acting more over the top ever since that GQ cover, that he has to live up to something. But you know when you say a word over and over again until it loses meaning? That’s how i feel about James Deen. There’s just too much JD that he’s losing his mystique.

Emja: He doesn’t need mystique he just wants to take advantage of life and every bit of the industry. I’m actually really cool with how he’s proceeding. He’s helping the mainstream world understand porn. He’s bridging the gap between free porn and VOD or paid porn (think woodrocket series).

I know a lot of people say he’s a dick but he’s having too much fun with it while also being serious that it’s a career. I can’t hate him.

Chico: But do you think he’s sexy?

Emja: …yes. I just don’t like watching him have sex. I do not find him sexy while performing boom boom. Watching him brings on the giggles and the eye rolls

Chico: So James Deen is sexy but just not while having sex?

Emja: He looks like he’s legit trying to murder these girls. And who says, “Look at me. say ‘fuck my face'”? I still laugh at that.

Chico: Note to self: Do not ask Emja to ask me to fuck her face.

Emja: Unless you want me to burst out laughing, which could hurt your feelings.

Chico: No it’s cool. I’m used to being laughed at during sex.

ANYWAYS. In your opinion, who is the most desirable male pornstar? If it’s not James Deen and not Tommy Gunn, who the hell can it be?

Emja: Hmmmmmm.

Xander. Xander Corvus.

And a ton of girls cream themselves over Manuel Ferrara.

Chico: What makes Xander #1 in your eyes? And if Manuel Ferrara didn’t have the accent, would he still be hot?

Emja: Probably not. People dig accents. Xander is sexy. You’ll find pictures of him looking adorable, and others where he looks badass. Also, he and Dani Daniels are together and i think she’s super funny and down-to-earth so i automatically equate them as similar personalities. AND his voice.

I love Xander’s voice.

I used to adore Danny Wylde too but he quit, so…

Chico: Xander and Danny, two guys that are fit (like nice and toned) with piercings and nice voices. I think you have a type.

Emja: Yeah I totally agree I have a type.

Chico: But how important is personality when thinking of your favorite male pornstars?

Emja: To me it’s huge. Actually, I’m big on every personality, girl or guy or straight or gay because to me, that’s what sets you apart in the industry. This industry is stereotyped with a negative stigma. But I don’t think it’s vapid, and I look to personalities to prove that.

Hahahaha actually i feel like i’m on two different discussions right now, because my favorite porn is Jynx Maze getting fucked in public while she works a lemonade stand and shows off to the public. She’s like showing off her boobs and flipping off the crowd and just generally having a ridiculously flippant attitude but holy shit, did it turn me on.

Watch Emja’s favorite porn movie! Jynx Maze serves lemonade and gets fucked!

Chico: Hahaha, i think you need to have some personality if you agreed to getting fucked while serving lemonade

So regardless of gender, the key to success in the adult industry is personality?

Emja: Just look at Sasha Grey. She was dirty as fuck but she was so intelligent and altruistic. And now James Deen, with the same sort of air about him.

Chico: Who do you think has the personality to be the next superstar?

Emja: That’s a good question, but I don’t think we’ve met them yet. I adore Veruca James, Dani Daniels, Skin Diamond, and Xander. But i don’t know if they WANT the full package that James Deen does. He just never stops, he wants it all. I think they’re pretty happy with what they have so i don’t think the next superstar is here yet.

Chico: Ummmm…excuse me? I’m right here

Emja: You’re too old

Chico: I’m 18. Well…I’m “18” like how all those casting couch girls are “18”.

Emja: I don’t know if i want to get off to a man named “Chico Dusty”. Then i think dusty vag

Chico: If it’s just the name holding me back, I’ll be happy to ditch it. Fuck that name. My name.

I honestly thought that being a never-nude would be a bigger problem but if it’s the name then peace name.

Emja: Being a never-nude holds problems. But hey, if you could have sex with words you would be the biggest and most favoritest pornstar.

Chico: And on that note, we shall end our discussion.

Normally when we do tip to tip, we touch the tips of our penis’s together.

However, you’re a woman.

Emja: Nip to tip. Duh

Chico: Clit to tip?

Emja: I like nip because i prefer boobs as we all know. But it’s your site.

Chico: And as my guest, I will humor you by touching my tip to your nip. Thank you, Emja. Everyone please follow her on Twitter @Emmmmja and read her blog on HotMoviesForHer.com.

Do you agree with us?

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  • Molly

    I’m backing boosh.

  • Molly

    I don’t know about tanlines but bush definitely

  • gaelen

    personality doesn’t just mean a lot in porn but it can put you over the top in any industry or love or sports. anything you do, if you let your personality shine through, you will be successful.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/about/ Chico Dusty

    It makes a difference, though some people tend to underrate the difference it makes.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/about/ Chico Dusty

    I feel a survey coming on!

  • http://www.sex.com/news/about/ Chico Dusty

    Me too. Slight boosh.

  • Eroscott

    I just like it when two reasonably attractive people (man and woman… or woman and woman) are (or seem to be) enjoying each other sexually with respect. Kind of a Met Art thing only with fucking, lot’s of kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking. Oh wait. That’s what I imagine when I see any attractive woman.

  • Eroscott

    I forgot to mention, when I became sexually active there were no — as in NO — shaven or waxed vaginas; not even trimmed ones. You took them hairy or you didn’t take them. And even then I loved to go down on a woman… as long as she’d recently bathed, that is.

  • Jordan

    I think personality is important because without it in porn, a pornstar would be just that and nothing else. From the classic pornstars to now, the greats always had a personality to me. That’s how readily identify yourself with them and then some become your favorites to watch because you know what they bring to the table. Without personalities, they’re just amateurs on film. But there always at least one aspect that that is noticeably seen in the greats.

  • B.

    Interesting read. That Jynx chick is pretty hawt, too.