That Bush You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style


Thanks American Apparel

Just when you thought American Apparel couldn’t exploit sex any more, they went and put pubic hair on their mannequins. 

An American Apparel store in the Lower East Side of Manhattan (on Houston Street to be specific) has three mannequins in sheer lingerie and plenty of bush.

Have a look:



The Gothamist called up the shop to see what was up and here’s what they found out:

 The employee who answered told us that the mannequins just went up last night, and he had never seen them before… “not in this configuration”…the mood is light, “people are laughing.”


With bush so prominently on display in Manhattan, does this mean that a big 70’s bush is coming back in style?

Well a quick breeze through American Apparel’s lingerie catalogue leads me to believe that it is…


Or maybe not? Who knows or cares. I just felt like posting some pictures of Jessie Andrews.

If you’re considering bringing a big bush back, just remember you’re also brining crabs back.

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Published on: January 16, 2014

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