Cameron Diaz Made A Sex Tape…In Her New Movie “Sex Tape”


Cameron Diaz

Last weekend, I found myself watching There’s Something About Mary and I was blown away by how funny and sexy Cameron Diaz was in that movie.

I haven’t seen a Cameron Diaz movie post-2000 simply because they all look SO BAD. And even though Cameron Diaz hasn’t lost a step in terms of sexiness, can you really argue that she’s been in a movie worth seeing in the last fourteen years? Of course not. It’s too bad but sex appeal isn’t enough to get me to spend $20 on movie tickets. 

My life is saturated with babes so even a babe like Cameron Diaz can be easily forgotten. I mean, it’s so hard to keep track of who’s hot, who not. Tell me who rock, who sell out in stores you tell me who flop, who copped the new drop, whose jewels got rocks, who else making rap albums, doing numbers like it’s pop? Nah mean?

Please excuse the Mase reference.

Anyways, Cameron Diaz is in a new movie called Sex Tape where she and Jason Segel film a sex tape that gets accidentally uploaded to the cloud for all their friends to see. They then have to find a way of removing their sex tape from their friend’s iPads and hilarity ensues.

Truth be told, I think if you were to see Sex Tape for the laughs, you’ll be very disappointed. But if you were to see Sex Tape for some Cameron Diaz nudity and simulated sex, then you might not be as disappointed. Watch the redband trailer for Sex Tape right now and let Hollywood entice you to see this stupid movie with Cameron Diaz’s sexy body:

So Sex Tape looks pretty bad, right?

Oh well. Just another bad Cameron Diaz movie. I tell you what does look good though…Cameron Diaz in a see-through white t-shirt and red panties:


Cameron Diaz nipples star in new movie Sex Tape.

Maybe if Sex Tape was two and half hours of Cameron Diaz prancing around in that outfit, I’d be more inclined to see it. Hollywood, you better start reshooting Sex Tape now because that’s how you’re going to make a lot of money.

I’m sure Cameron Diaz will be down for my version of Sex Tape because she’s confessed on national television that she loves porn and she’s had some experience starring in erotic movies.

Let us never forget that before Cameron Diaz was a big time movie star, she starred in a weird ass porn. 

Watch Cameron Diaz’s porn below…(she’s the tall blonde that looks and sounds and acts like Cameron Diaz)

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