How You Can Make The Blog An Even Better Sex Blog

By and large, I’m pleased with the quality of the Blog. Gil Powers consistently cracks me up, Red Velvet has impeccable taste in lesbian sex scenes and I also contribute to this sex blog.

But sometimes writers, such as ourselves, are primarily focused on writing what interests them, without being too concerned with their audience. And since the Blog is a part of, which we see as a community of sex-positive porn lovers, we want you to feel like you’re contributing to the overall quality of this sex blog.

No, that does not mean we will be blindly accepting submissions. (Although, if you do want to submit something, we’re always interested. Just send us a pitch or a draft via the contact form.)

How you can help make the Blog the best damn sex blog on the entire internet is by telling us what you’d like to see more of.

So please, take the time to select what you’d like to see more of on our humble sex blog in the poll below. We’ll make adjustments accordingly:

This sex blog would be nothing without our wonderful readers, so help us make the Blog the best damn sex blog on the internet. You’ve already helped us make it this far and we can’t thank you enough for choosing us as your source for porn, sex news, sex tips and whatever the hell else gets posted here on a regular basis.

Obviously there are a lot of options to vote for in the poll above, but if we missed something feel free to suggest it in the comments! Your votes could shape the direction of the blog in the coming months so please vote carefully!

Thanks again to all our wonderful readers. We love you so much that we all hope that this happens to you in the near future:

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Published on: August 1, 2014

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  • Jordan

    I’ve been visiting since close to its inception and think its awesome you all incorporate the community for feedback still. Whatever the choices, I’m sure it’ll come out awesome.

  • Rodney

    I love the community involvement on I’d be interested to see your take on the rise of music compilation videos in porn like the ones linked.

  • gabriella

    lol there are less than 2 people commenting on every post, this one 3

  • Alison

    very nice