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Today’s question comes from Schaaf. Schaaf asks:

“The other night, I was having sex with my girlfriend and everything was going great, up until she noticed that there was a tiny bit of blood on the sheets while we were switching sex positions. Immediately after she saw the blood she said, ‘Oh, I think I just got my period. We need to stop.’ Not being very familiar when the menstrual cycles of women, I was happy to just comply but ever since then I’ve been wondering whether or not getting your period means you need to stop having sex. It’s safe to say that we were both having a good time until she spotted the blood. So Chico, can you have sex with a woman on her period?”

EW! Very gross question Schaaf but an important one nonetheless. Aight, so can you have sex with a woman on her period?

Yes. You can have sex with a woman on her period. I remember thinking the same thing many years ago, that once a woman starts menstruating the whole area gets shutdown for maintenance. While some women just prefer not to have sex while on their periods, if they so desire they can.

Honestly, it all depends on how the woman on her period feels. Some girls don’t like the idea of having sex while on their period, and who can blame them? The menstrual blood, tampons, and sanitary pads. How could you be in the mood?

But for those of you women out there who are willing to try having sex while on your period, there is plenty of upsides. It’s common for women to feel hornier during the first few days of menstruation due to changes in hormones. Many women also report that their menstruation seems to end sooner than if they had not had sexual intercourse. This is probably because the muscle spasm from orgasms allow the flow to come out quicker than usual. Furthermore, the hormones your body releases during sex help relieve cramps, depression, and irritability.

The most important thing you need to remember about having sex with a woman on her period is that she can still get pregnant. A lot of people think that because the body is clearing the contents of the uterus, there’s absolutely no way you can get pregnant. That’s not true. You always have to be careful.

So to answer your question Schaaf, yes it is possible for women to have sex while on their periods. In fact, there are a few benefits to having sex on your period. However, periods aren’t something that us men have to deal with, so don’t pressure her too much. Fact is, if she’s not into it then you’re out of luck.

Oh but if she does agree, get some towels…

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