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Capri Cavanni

I hate Canada, but Canadian women are all babes, especially Canadian pornstars. For proof of this look at Capri Cavanni. 

With Lanny BarbieSunny Leone and Shyla Stylez all retired, it’s time for Capri Cavanni to take the title of “Best Canadian Pornstar”. Capri has been in the adult industry since 2008, but it seems like her career is reaching brand new heights. She was just named Penthouse Pet September 2013. 

Capri took some time out of her busy schedule to talk about being a Penthouse Pet, feature dancing, and having porn’s best body.

So enjoy our interview with Canada’s Best Pornstar, Capri Cavanni! 

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Before we start, could you clear something up? Why did you change your name from Capri Cavalli to Capri Cavanni?
A few years back I put in a trademark application for the name Capri Cavalli. Unfortunately there was an issue my with usage of the name by a certain designer who uses the latter part of the name. He used legal action and demanded I chance my stage name. So I did. Fans didn’t seem to mind though. They still knew how to find me. You know what they say… a rose by any other name…

How does a nice Canadian girl like yourself get mixed up in the porn business?
I blame it on women, beautiful, irresistable women. The truth is that I really wanted to fuck hot girls, and I wanted to continue being in front of a camera, so I quickly went from a swimsuit model to porn and never looked back. I’m really happy with the way things turned out.

Why aren’t there any sex-stereotypes for Canadian women? What should Canadian women should be renowned around the world for?
I’m a very passionate and sensual lover. I wouldn’t mind being known for that, Canadian or otherwise.

Congratulations Capri on becoming a Penthouse Pet. What the hell took Penthouse so long?
That’s a question you’d have to ask Penthouse. I’m just happy I finally got to a Pet! Right now I’ve got my fingers crossed that they will make me Pet of the Year. It’s one of my biggest career goals.

I saw you retweeted a sexy picture of yourself with the hashtag #gimmethattwistytreat. Are you going to be September’s Pet of the Month and September’s Treat of the Month?
That’s not for me to say but obviously I’d really like it if that happened. I think it’s important to let people know what you want, just as important as working for it.


Between shooting, feature dancing, and keeping up to date, do you ever have time to relax or are you always working?
I relax all the time, I spend alot of time in the spa and getting massages. I take my dogs out to hike and to the beach, which are both very relaxing for me. I find that I have a good balance between work and play.

What do you prefer: feature dancing or shooting pictures/videos?
I prefer to shoot videos. Feature dancing entails a lot of traveling and late nights. I like meeting fans & ‘shakin my thang’ for the crowd, but porn is by far my favorite. Porn is hard on the body, with all the crazy positions and interesting furniture we get to screw on, but feature dancing is much harder in my opinion. I give props to the house dancers and girls who can do the crazy pole tricks! I wish I could do all of that but I simply can’t!

You were nominated for the Porn’s Best Body award at the Sex Awards (well deserved). Who in that category do you feel is your biggest competition?
I don’t like to think of other girls in terms of being my competition. I think everyone has their own unique qualities that appeal to fans. I try to focus on doing the best job I can and leave the awards to the critics and fans to decide. That being said I am always excited when I get nominated and naturally I hope to win! I wish all the girls the best of luck as well.

What should Capri Cavanni fans do after reading this interview?
Join my site of course silly! I’ve got loads of new updates, videos, and sexy sets of me and my friends and I’m constantly adding more. Check me out at and let me know what you think. Thanks for the interview!

Thank you, Capri Cavanni! 

Source: via bubblegumtaint on

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