Caprice, July Treat of the Month

Caprice Twisty's sexy

Caprice, Treat of the Month

Babe of the Day: Caprice

Place of Origin: Czech Republic

Age: 24

Height: 5’1″

Measurements: 34-24-35

I want everyone to go on Twitter, tweet at @Twistys and say, “Thank you @Twistys for making Caprice July’s Treat of the Month.”

Why are we thanking Twisty’s? Because she is super sexy, that’s why.

I went to Czech Republic once. It’s as though a bunch of people took the website and turned it into a nation. Seriously, 90% of the men there are either horribly ugly or just straight-up jerks. And then with them are the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen in the whole world. It’s a very strange experience and I would recommend it to all of you.

But you don’t want to hear about my vacation to Czech Republic, you probably want to hear more about Caprice.

Caprice has been in the adult industry (overseas and in the States) for just over 4 years now. Some of you may know Caprice better as “Little Caprice”. Maybe I’m wrong but I think Caprice dropping the “Little” is a good move. Even though she’s only 22, having “Little” before her name signifies that she just does jailbait videos or something. I’m going to speak for the whole world here and say that we love Caprice and we’re ready to experience Caprice as a full-grown woman.

When I saw Caprice’s Treat of the Month pictures, my first reaction was, “Oh damn, she is looking fine as hell.” She’s looking fine as hell because she’s not dressing up like a itty-bitty teen (tank-top and pig-tails). Twisty’s hooked Caprice up with some sexy lingerie and she’s never looked better.

So long Little Caprice! Full-grown Caprice is sexier than we could have ever imagined! Check out her new pics:


That’s should be more than enough Caprice to get you through the rest of July.

Thank you Twisty’s for making Caprice Treat of the Month.

Why not tweet at @sexdotcom and say, “Thanks you @sexdotcom for making Caprice Babe of the Day” ?

But if you’re craving more Caprice you can always checkout Twistys:

Caprice – July Treat of the Month

You won’t be sorry.

And while you’re at it, why not checkout what users have pinned of Caprice:

Caprice on

Don’t let that pretty face fool you, she does everything from masturbation to anal sex.

Oh man, I can’t wait to see who the Treat of the Month will be for August.

I don’t know if you guys have noticed but Twisty’s has been on fire picking the Treat of the Month as of late.

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  • yimch

    All the Caprice in the world isn’t enough Caprice. Fuck. I have to go to Prague and do everything I can to fuck her or at least a woman that looks like her. Caprice is so sexy my life will not be complete if I don’t get to taste that ass.

  • Chico Dusty

    I’m pretty sure she lives in LA but you should check out Prague. There are plenty of Caprice look-a-likes for you to try your luck with.

  • Caprice’s future boyfriend

    This is my favorite Caprice scene:

    She just looks so good in those glasses playing with her perfect pussy!

  • InOutRepeat

    There are few porn stars you can track through time and see how wonderfully they have blossomed from barely legal to stunning young woman. Caprice is one of those few, and is a rare treat, not to mention a total jewel of the industry. Her talents are varied, and her scenes never fail to satisfy.

    Thanks to Twisty’s for the delightful pics!

  • Chico Dusty

    It’s true, porn stars tend to quit when they no longer fit into their niche. Very happy that Caprice isn’t one of them!

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  • pete premier

    my all time fav glamour girl never fail 2 shoot the load when i see her pity she hasnt her juicy fuckhole swallowing it up

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