Caramel Colored Rooms Means More Sex

My caramel colored room, aka "The Cum Dungeon"

My caramel colored room, aka “The Cum Dungeon”

What color is your bedroom?

You’re probably saying, “Why should I tell you, Chico? I don’t have to tell you what color my bedroom is.”

Well to that I say, “You got some nerver, mister.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our environment can influence our mood. A recent study by Travelodge looked into 2,000 homes across Britain and found that couples who sleep in caramel colored rooms have the most sex.¬†

Couples in caramel colored rooms have sex on average three times a week. That may not seem like a lot of sex, but the study found that couples who sleep in red colored rooms only have sex just once a week.

Once a week? That just ain’t right.

Caramel Colors means more sex

Caramel Colors

Unfortunately, the study didn’t offer an explanation as to why couples in caramel colored rooms have more sex.

If I had to guess, I would say that the reason that couples in caramel colored rooms are having more sex is because caramel rooms give off a visual pheromone. When I think of caramel rooms, I think of a lot rich mahogany and scotch, which appeals to these kinds of men:




So it may not necessarily be the color of the room that’s making people have sex. It’s more likely that the people that have chosen to paint their bedrooms caramel colored have more sex because they’re sophisticated hedonists (as illustrated above with the Dos Equis’s guy, Don Draper, and Ron Burgundy).

How can anyone resist having sex with someone with lots of rich mahogany?

We were just talking about this study by the water cooler (which is like a regular water cooler but much sexier) and a co-worker said, “Caramel? That’s brown, right? Maybe the brown walls subconsciously remind them to have anal sex.”


It could be that too. Travelodge, we need answers!

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