Carrie Takes Charge

Carrie x-art

Carrie is in charge and I like it!

I hope I speak for men everywhere when I say that we love women who take charge.

Being a man is tough. Especially when it comes to sex. All the responsibilities of courtship are supposed to be ours.

That’s total bullshit. Ladies, if you want sex or anything from a man, go out there and take it! Only in very rare cases will you not get what you want.

As women, you have complete control over men. Please don’t abuse this power. Just use it like Carrie in these pictures from X-Art.


See what she does here?

Carrie grabs her man and forces her man to go down on her. Looks like someone read How To Make Your Pussy Worth Eating.

Ladies, keep in mind that men are always confused and horny. So if you take charge, you’ll be able to get what you want without all the fuss of waiting for a man to figure it out. Because he’s not going to. He’s a man. Which might as well be synonymous with stupid!

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Published on: October 21, 2013

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