Is Casey Calvert The Next Sasha Grey?

There’s a lot of buzz around Casey Calvert.

Her intelligence and willingness to try anything have caught the attention of porn fans just like Sasha Grey did in 2006. Though Casey is still relatively new to the industry, some people have already declared her to be the next Sasha Grey. 

Is she? Only time will tell.

Either way, Casey Calvert was nice enough to take a break from conquering the porn industry to talk the Blog about the hype surrounding her, mainstream influences, and her sex life.

So here it is! It’s the Casey Calvert interview!

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Chico: How does a nice Jewish girl like yourself decided to get all mixed up in the porn industry?

Casey Calvert: Growing up, from the age of 12 on, I thought about doing porn. People would ask me, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” and I would say, “I don’t know.” I never actually thought I would have the courage to do it.

I decided to go to film school, but by my junior year of college, I was disillusioned with it all. That’s about the time the came across the opportunity to fetish model. I gave it a go, and realized that being naked in front of a camera was just as good in reality as it was in fantasy. After a year and a half of fetish modeling, I wanted more. And porn was the next step. 

What was Mark Spiegler’s reason for making you a Spiegler Girl before you even shot a scene?

To be honest, I’m not really sure. I think that Mark could see how smart I am, how invested I am in making this a career. I think I came in with just enough modeling experience for him to see that I’m comfortable being naked in front of a camera. I think Mark could see my potential from the beginning, and I feel extraordinarily blessed that he did.

Which pornstars are the best for making a new girl feel welcome?

All of the Spiegler Girls did an excellent job of welcoming me into the business. They were all really great when I had questions. Everyone I asked gave me really good advice.

You’ve been doing porn for a just under a year now. I know you’ve already talked about the misconceptions that other people have of the industry but I’d like to know were your expectations of doing porn were much different than the reality?

My expectations have pretty much been the reality. I think I had a pretty decent grasp on it because of my fetish modeling experience. If anything, I have been surprised at the level of professionalism. I expected the porn world to be less professional than it actually is.

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How do you feel about the hype surrounding you? Some people have even gone as far to say that you’re the next Sasha Grey.

Of course, it’s very flattering that I’ve been called the next Sasha Grey. I am just that people can see my potential, and I hope I can live up to what everyone sees in me.

How does shooting for a big budget movie like Dear Diary compare to shooting gonzo scenes?

Shooting for a big budget movie and a gonzo scene are two completely different animals. Gonzo scenes are straightforward days—you arrive, do paperwork, hair and makeup, fuck, and go home. Feature days are different, and you can be there all day. Sure, there’s the paperwork, the hair and makeup, the fucking, but there’s also dialogue, and wardrobe changes, and my favorite, craft services. I really enjoy gonzo scenes, and the dirty, nasty sex of a gonzo scene, but I love being on the set of a big feature. I think it comes from having a film degree. It makes me feel like I’m making a real movie, because I am making a real movie.

In mainstream movies, whose work do you look up to and admire?

This is tricky to answer because there are so many people I admire in the mainstream world. I’m much more of a TV girl than a movie girl. To just name a few, I admire Vince Gilligan for his work on The X-Files and Breaking Bad, Damon Lindelof for his work on Lost, and Steven Moffat for his work on Doctor Who and Sherlock. I’m also a huge animation junkie, and I really admire Marjorie Cohn for her work at Nickelodeon, John Lasseter and Brad Bird at Pixar, Steven Hillenburg for SpongeBob Squarepants, and Pendleton Ward for Adventure Time.

Has your sex life changed at all since starting in porn?

I’m a lot pickier now. Porn has given me the opportunity to figure out what I really like, and if I don’t think an off-camera partner can give that to me, I move on pretty quickly.

What kind of stuff do you really like in your own sex life?

The most important thing to me, in my personal sex life, is an emotional connection with my partner. I get plenty of action, and plenty of orgasms, from work, so if I’m going to sleep with someone outside of work, I really want it to mean more than just sex.

In terms of more concrete things…I like my sex to be rough. I need some aspect of a power dynamic. I love anal. I love having my hair pulled. I love being dirty.

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Let’s take a break from porn and just get to know Casey Calvert. On a day when you’re not shooting, how do you like to spend your time?

I usually have pretty quiet days when I’m not shooting. I work out with my personal trainer. I run errands and clean my house. I take a nap. I go to dinner or watch a movie with my friends. And I go to bed early. Honestly, I have a pretty boring life, and I like it that way.

Having already filmed anal scenes, gangbang scenes with DP, and BDSM scenes, where do you see your career going? Do you foresee yourself using your BS in Film Production to transition from performing to production? 

My plan is to stay in front of the camera as long as my body will let me. But yes, eventually, I definitely plan on putting my degree to good use.

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