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  • Aidra Fox Answers Questions From Fans!

    2014 has been a very good year for porn. A big part of why it’s been such a good year is because we’ve been able to watch the rise of Aidra Fox.

    Though she technically made her debut sometime in 2013, Aidra Fox should be on every porn fan’s shortlist for Best Newcomer of 2014 because as far as I know, she’s the only girl to have been named a Twisty’s Treat of the Month and a Penthouse Pet of the Month. Usually it takes years for girls to lock down those kinds of honors, but Aidra Fox did it in no time. Why? Because she’s one of the best new girls in the business.

    But I could blab about the greatness of Aidra Fox forever. I have a better idea. Why don’t you get to know the lovely and sexy Aidra Fox a little bit better by watching her answer questions for fans! In it, Aidra Fox reveals her favorite sex position, her favorite girl to shoot porn with, what her favorite videogames are, how regular men can fuck hot pornstars, her secret fetishes and plenty of other tidbits of information that will quickly make her your favorite girl in the game.  Continue Reading

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  • Lolly Ink Interview!

    Tattooed, busty blonde porn star Lolly Ink has been starring in porn videos for nearly two years and she remains one of the most criminally underrated porn stars in the industry. It’s simply baffling to us here at the Blog that Lolly Ink isn’t on the cover of every DVD she’s featured in. Having never phoned-in a performance, Lolly Ink always gives her scenes and fans 110%, which is why we love her.

    We were lucky enough to catch-up with Lolly Ink, so without further ado enjoy our interview with Lolly Ink!  Continue Reading

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  • Abigail Mac Interview

    If you were to ask me who has been the best pornstar of 2014, I’d say Abigail Mac without any hesitation. Though she’s been around since 2012, after the year Abigail Mac has had, there’s absolutely no denying that she’s one of the best babes in porn.

    From her tanned skin, to her killer curves, to her natural ability to make the slightest glance or look seem incredibly sexy, Abigail Mac has risen to the top without having to rely on the usual “FIRST ANAL!” or “FIRST DP!” gimmicks. No, Abigail Mac’s rise to the top of the porn industry was accomplished on her own terms, which just makes us love her even more.

    We were lucky enough to sit down with the one and only Abigail Mac to talk about her career in porn, how she maintains her amazing body and her reputation for giving the best head.

    Enjoy our interview with Abigail Mac!

    7430476 abigail mac Abigail Mac Interview

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    It’s been a good month for Abigail Mac. You were selected to be the Twisty’s Treat of the Month and your own exclusive site,, just launched (CLICK HERE FOR A FREE PREVIEW OF ABIGAILMAC.COM). Do you feel like your career has reached a new level in the past month?

    I definitely feel very grateful for everything I have going right now. It has been a lot of hard work now just for me but for everyone I work for/with. I can’t wait to keep pushing further and extend my career in many other ways.

    Speaking of your career, how did you get your start in adult?

    I was doing web cam with a girlfriend of mine and was offered a shoot in LA. I took the offer and absolutely loved it! After that it was on.

    1 Abigail Mac Interview

    You’re a G/G and solo performer now. Do you foresee that changing at all in the future?

    I am so focused on what I am doing now. The future seems bright you never know what might happen.

    What can you tell us about your first sexual experience?

    It was awkward and painful. It was with my High School sweetheart so at least we cared about each other.

    7508593 abigail mac enjoying ryan ryans from we live together rk Abigail Mac Interview

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    I’ve heard that you’re a fitness nut, which makes sense because one would need to work hard to look as good as you do. What’s the routine at the gym to get that incredible Abigail Mac physique?

    I love to mix it up at the gym. I am not a fan of cardio but a huge fan of body weight exercises and lifting. You just have to find the right exercise for you. Try everything and see what works. If I get bored ill take a yoga or pop physique class. I just try and keep it fun

    I’ve also heard that you take nutrition very seriously. That said, you must have some guilty pleasures. Spill the beans, what are your guilty pleasure foods?

    I feel like you can’t be so strict that you don’t enjoy life! I love all cheese, fresh baked bread and pastries, and of course dark chocolate.

    Why are good cooks so attractive?

    Food is the key to most peoples heart. You also have mouth orgasms…

    When’s your sexy cooking show coming out?

    When you book me to shoot it…

    7882936 abigail mac showing off her big tits for twistys Abigail Mac Interview

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    When I interviewed Vanessa Veracruz earlier this year, she mentioned that you give the best head. What signature Abigail Mac oral sex tips can you pass along to us?

    Well when you work with someone as hot as Vanessa you put on your A game… keep it wet and suctioned. You really just have to read the person receiving.

    In your opinion, who’s the hottest girl to shoot with (and no, you can’t choose yourself)?

    So many girls….so little time

    What have you got planned for the end of 2014?

    Well shooting scenes, I have a lot planned for new content for my website, and of course planning for AVN

    Fill in the blank: “After reading this interview, everyone should____________________.”

    Every should go high-five the first person they see.

    Follow Abigail Mac on Twitter: @MsAbigailMac

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    Here’s a free preview of what you can expect to see on

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  • An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Do I really need to introduce Asa Akira? Surely you already know everything there is to know about Asa Akira because she’s only one of the best and most popular pornstars in porn.

    Let me just say that I never thought that I would ever get the opportunity to interview the incredible Asa Akira. So while I’m too starstruck and bashful to read this interview, I sure hope you’ll enjoy it because Asa Akira is even cooler in person than she is on screen.

    So here it is! My interview with Asa Akira!

    210439 asa akira is a luscious asian angel An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Source: Uploaded by user via SiMpLe on

    If my calculations are correct, your 1-year exclusive contract with Wicked is almost up. What was it like shooting exclusively for such a well-respected company?

    Being exclusive to Wicked has been an amazing experience so far- the last year of my life has definitely been different than the six before it. I’ve always wanted to be a Wicked Girl, since before I even got into porn- so the greatness of this opportunity has not been lost on me. I actually just signed on for another year, so I’m very excited!

    Were you at all surprised to see your name alongside Lisa Ann and Sasha Grey in the most recent “Most Popular Porn Searches” study?

    I’ve been seeing these lists for the last two years or so, these “porn analytics” things. So while I’m extremely flattered every time I see my name on one of the lists, I can’t in all honesty say I was surprised. It makes me very happy to know that people are enjoying my porn. One of the biggest reasons I got into porn was because I love the idea of people getting turned on by me, jerking off to me- so to know that I’m in the top ten terms people search for when masturbating, is pretty fucking awesome.

    Before you were one of the most searched for pornstars on the Internet, you were a dominatrix in New York City. I find that interesting because I’d qualify you as a strong-submissive based on your movies. If you had to classify yourself, are you more of a dom or a sub?

    I like to switch it up depending on who I’m fucking, but I’d say I’m more drawn to the submissive side. I learned the term “Power Bottom” a few years ago, and I strongly connect with it- basically, it’s a submissive who demands to be dommed.

    923905 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Source: via PornstarAction on

    Why did you choose a career as a pornstar over a career as a dominatrix?

    Domming is something I did when I was 19 years old, straight out of high school. It was the first job I had ever had in the adult industry, and it was a priceless learning experience- not just in regards to sex, but to myself as a whole. I wouldn’t trade that year for anything, but doing it now, at this point in my life is completely out of the question. I know too much about my own sexuality now- and I’m just not a dominatrix. It’s not my happy place. For me, porn is/was the ultimate fantasy- I see dominatrix-ing as one of the stepping stones I took to get here.

    Based on their recent performances, New York pro athletes seem to be gluttons for punishment. Did members of New York sports teams make up most of your clientele?

    Funny you should say that, because I did have quite a few clients who claimed to be pro-athletes… baseball players, mostly. I don’t follow sports though, so I couldn’t tell you if they were truthful. I also just realized that maybe you are making a sports joke – in which case, it’s totally gone over my head.

    I was making a New York sports, but not a very good one. Why is New York City infinitely better than Los Angeles?

    I’d say both cities have their pros and cons. Of course, NYC is where I grew up, so by default I think it’s the best place in the world. For a long time, I secretly even thought people from other cities were lame. There’s a sense of culture there that LA lacks. You can (and do!) walk anywhere, you can find virtually anything you need 24 hours a day, and the people are just way funnier, cooler, more down to earth. But one thing LA has over NYC, and it’s very major, is good weather. The winters in NYC are torturous. In LA, it’s warm and sunny most of the time. Also, the majority of porn is shot in LA- so for me, living anywhere else right now is unfathomable.

    3632359 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Source: via dwerickson77 on

    Everyone knows that you’re amazing in front of the camera but you’re also an accomplished director. Any plans to get behind the camera again soon?

    I’d love to direct a movie for Wicked sometime in the future, but I will admit I’m completely intimidated. Wicked sets are much larger than the gonzo sets I’m used to directing – bigger crew, bigger budget, just overall bigger production. It’s a lot to be responsible for!

    Your memoir Insatiable is a very candid look into your life. You talk about doing drugs, relationships and female sexuality as a whole. Were there moments while writing the memoir where you paused and thought, “Shit, I definitely can’t print this.”?

    Oh for sure. Mostly, it was when I was writing about other people. When it comes to myself, there’s really nothing I won’t talk about. But I’m also not trying to exploit my family, friends, etc. When I wrote the chapter about the couple times I escorted, my publisher actually had me take out some details about one of the clients, because even though I had changed his name, it was too obvious who I was talking about.

    Your husband is performer and director extraordinaire Toni Ribas. What marriage advice can you impart on us?

    Toni has really taught me a lot about being in a healthy relationship. I’ll even go as far as to say this is the first truly healthy relationship I’ve ever been in. Giving advice seems silly, though, considering I’ve only been married for two years. I will say this to the guys: Happy wife, happy life.

    7346507 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Source: via bourne1966 on

    Why are people still baffled by the idea that a pornstar can be a feminist?

    I think a lot of people just don’t want to believe that a pornstar can be a feminist. They have very conservative views on women’s sexuality, which I think is counter-productive to feminism to begin with. To them, porn = exploitation of women, whereas I see it as a celebration. It’s ironic to me that people who supposedly believe in gender equality are so adamant that women can’t want to do porn, while men can.

    What makes a good feminist in your opinion?

    Believe in gender equality, and live by it.

    How excited are you to be hosting The Sex Factor?

    So excited! It’s a project I really believe in, I’m really hoping it will be a big hit. I also think it’s a great way for people to get into the industry- when I got in, I was lucky to have a “mentor,” Gina Lynn. Not everyone is so lucky- and this can be a scary business to navigate on your own when you’re brand new. These contestants will have six of us (Belle, Remy, Lexi, Keiran, Tori, and I) showing them the ropes as they compete to be the next big star. I wish there had been something like this when I got in. The million dollar prize doesn’t hurt, either.

    Of the four judges (Remy LaCroix, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and Keiran Lee), who do you think will be the toughest to impress?

    A hundred percent Keiran. I know each of the judges quite well (I’ve fucked all of them,) and I can say without a doubt the most critical one is Keiran. He will straight up tell me to my face if I’ve had an off-day, performance wise.

    I think Lexi is going to surprise people. She has this image about her that’s just totally adorable, she’s practically synonymous with the word “sweet.” But she has a very dark and twisted sense of humor which I love- right when she’s convinced you she’s this innocent, nice girl, she’ll say something that’s just so fucked up you can’t believe it came out of her mouth. It’s even better coming from her, because you don’t expect it.

    Tori and Remy are both amazing performers, passionate and genuine, so I think they’ll be quick to weed out anyone who is “faking” it.

    3210936 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Source: Uploaded by user via Pussy Pleaser on

    What qualities should Sex Factor contestants have if they hope to advance to the finals?

    I’d say first and foremost, have fun, and make sure the judges can see that. But also be aware of the camera. Open up so that we can see the penetration.

    Boys, get hard fast, stay hard through the scene, and cum on cue.

    Girls, fuck the guys back, don’t be lazy and just lay there.

    Any chance that you’ll declare yourself the winner of the Sex Factor and run off with the million dollars?

    Unfortunately, I’ve signed a contract specifically agreeing not to do that. I’ll let you know if I find any loopholes.

    Last one. Fill in the blank: “After reading this interview, everyone should ________________________. “

    Watch my porn, duh. and And look out for my new movie Holly Would directed by Brad Armstrong. It’s the best movie I’ve ever made, I think I have something like ten anal scenes in it.

    You heard her! Visit & for all your Asa Akira needs!

    asaakira 900x250 An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

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    Big thanks to The Sex Factor and Asa Akira for making this interview possible.

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  • Karla Kush Interview!

    Loyal followers of the Blog will surely recognize the name Karla Kush as one of the hot, new adult stars we’re totally Obsessed With. If I were to even begin listing the reasons why we like Karla Kush so much, I’d be writing this introduction until the end of time.

    The point is, Karla Kush is one of the most exciting new performers in the porn industry and we got to sit down with her for an interview. Yes, you read that right. WE GOT TO INTERVIEW KARLA KUSH. Seeing those six words in succession is better than sex.

    So please, let’s all get to know one of the industry’s best rising stars a little bit better with our Karla Kush interview. Enjoy!

    tumblr n9mvtlhJNZ1sbikgoo1 1280 Karla Kush Interview!

    Karla Motherfucking Kush

    First of all, if “Karla Kush” was its own strand of weed, would it be a sativa, an indica or a hybrid?

    Well, there are two names for the basic genres of cannabis; “haze” for sativa and “kush” for indica. So, by sheer denotation alone, I’ll have to go with indica. Although I had always preferred the more “heady” high of a sativa to the heavy body high of an indica, I am starting to transition into enjoying the heavier, more purple strains. I think the change might have something to do with having just relocated to the intense hustle and bustle of East Hollywood, and needing to slow down a bit more than ever before to feel balance in this hectic metropolis.

    Before porn, you were a camgirl. What prompted the transition from camming and into porn?

    I got an email from a talent scout in florida that said his agency wanted to represent me. Two days later I was on a plane to Miami and within my first week I shot with all the major companies in FL. I have always preferred porn to camming as I enjoy predictability and control in my work environment and my success on cam was always unpredictale and sporadic.

    What got you into camming initially?

    I was a nanny and had worked in childcare for about ten years when I decided that I needed a big, exciting change. I wanted a job where I could be 100% real and me at all times.

    6665469 welivetogether 14 06 26 karla kush and aubrey star friendly Karla Kush Interview!

    Source: via stertouk on

    Between shooting porn and camming, which do you prefer?

    Like I said, I have always preferred porn to camming and, as soon as my porn career took off, I stopped camming almost entirely. I am an earth sign (capricorn) and have always been partial to work environments (and life experiences in general) which are stable and let me know exactly what I’m doing and what I’m making for it before entering the situation. Camming is such a niche profession (for the truly successful camgirls) and I never really found my cam show niche.

    You also make custom content. I’ve yet to get custom content from a girl online, so could you please explain to me how it works?

    Well, there are lots of content sharing sites online and they are all different in their own respects but at their core they are all the same. You make an account and then peruse all the models and content available until you find what you like. It’s basically just like Amazon but for custom, homemade, “amateur” porn. I sell my custom content at:

    What’s the strangest thing a user has ever requested?

    Well, “strange” is subjective and completely up to the viewer to decide.. I’ve had guys ask me to make a whole video of me just flexing my biceps.. That’s not too nuts but it’s just about anything you can imagine, from sneezing, to farting/burping, to pillow humping to taking a pee/poop in a public dressing room. (That last request is real and NO I did not agree to do it). Hahaha

    7839981 karla kush so cute and hot riding a big cock Karla Kush Interview!

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    I heard that your boyfriend just started doing porn. Do you feel like it’s easier to maintain the relationship if both parties are having sex with other people on camera? It seems to me like the playing-field is even.

    Once again, these matters are completely subjective and all committed open partnerships (and relationships in general) are all based on written and/or verbal and/or non verbal contracts. Robby and I have been together for over three years and have had an open relationship from the day one. Transitioning to porn was really not much of a shift for either of us other than the fact that the extra-marital affairs are now happening on camera as well as off camera.

    Could you describe to us your ideal sexual encounter?

    My ideal sexual encounter would involve a man and a women. They would both be very beautiful and skilled in the giving head/fucking like rabbits department. LOL, that’s about it, I just want to fuck a beautiful girl while being fucked by a beautiful man… I also have a separate fantasy of having a girl all to myself, tying her up and using all kinds of sex toys and fingers on her to make her cum until she is begging for mercy and can’t cum anymore.

    Now that you’ve been in the adult industry for over a year, what do you hope to do and accomplish in your time in the industry?

    I hope to continue receiving roles which require a lot of lines and acting skills. I want to do as many features as possible and really showcase and hone my talents as an actor.

    8007036 sexy blonde pornstar karla kush plays with her pussy Karla Kush Interview!

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    On a serious note, maybe I’m crazy but I’ve noticed that you have a very pronounced labia. Personally, I’m a fan. I think it’s beautiful. That said, porn has been criticized for its lack of vaginal diversity. Some believe that the “perfect pussies” in porn have led to the rise of labiaplasty surgeries. Have you ever been pressured to get a labiaplasty?

    I have actually considered labiaplasty many times throughout my life. I used to spend hours looking up different surgeons and “before and after” photos of vaginas that had been altered. I’ve had numerous men in my life make rude comments or treat me differently because of my labia, both in real life and when I would webcam.. I would definitely agree that the whole “perfect pussy” idea is very skewed and, honestly, borders on pedophilia.

    A completely hairless vagina with absolutely no labia is NOT what adult women should be comparing themselves to. I’ve even heard that major porn companies will airbrush larger labia vaginas to make them look “more appropriate”.

    Can you imagine that? A porno mag cropping a woman’s lady parts to make them more suitable for viewers; it’s no wonder women are so self loathing and have body image issues! That being said, working in the industry has helped me immensely with conquering my body image complexes. Ever since I did my first scene I’ve gotten nothing but praise, love and admiration for my vagina and it’s really healed the problems and self hatred I built up over the years. I now love my pussy and am very proud of it!

    Music to my ears that you love your vagina just the way it is. Ok. Last question. Fill in the blank: After reading this interview, everyone should ____________________________ .

    Go smell the flowers, take a walk in the sunshine, smoke a bowl and meditate on the beauty and oneness of all that is! .. Also, make yourself cum to my awesome custom content!

    You heard Karla Kush! Visit and to get personalized porn from the adorable and sexy Karla Kush!

    And make sure you follow Karla Kush on Twitter: @KarlaKush420

    More interviews with your favorite pornstars!

    Now it’s time for you to see for yourself why Karla Kush is one of the best!

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  • Teanna Trump Interview!

    Blessed with killer curves and sexy caramel skin, it’s no wonder that 19 year-old newcomer Teanna Trump is already making a name for herself in the porn industry. We were fortunate enough to get a hold of Teanna Trump despite her busy schedule to get to know her a little better, while restraining ourselves from putting our favorite NBA players, NFL players and rappers on blast.

    Big shout to for making this happen.

    Here it is! The Teanna Trump interview!

    5250170 teanna trump Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via Alanek2000 on Okay Teanna, let’s start off with some easy ones for the people who aren’t familiar with you yet. Where are you from?

    Teanna Trump: I am from Columbus, Indiana. I’ve basically lived here my whole life. What’s your nationality by the way? You’re very exotic looking.

    Teanna Trump: I am half Black and half German. How does a girl from Columbus, Indiana become a pornstar?

    Teanna Trump: It’s so boring out here. There was never anything to do but I always had sex and it was for free. I love having sex so I figured if I could get paid for it; it would be that much better. Everybody in my town knew I loved having sex and I always got called names because of it so I thought I might be more comfortable in the adult industry.

    5595618 teanna trump Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via Asuraoflove on Was there even a good selection of guys in Columbus, Indiana?

    Teanna Trump: No not really but I’ve had sex with so many people. I’ve been to every state. I have guys in every state. So you would travel to another state just to have sex with a guy?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, definitely. How did you meet these guys?

    Teanna Trump: I met most of them through friends. Here’s the deal, athletes are very sexy and they talk a lot. They pretty much rate you to their friends and stuff. Wait did you say athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah. (Laughs) Like professional athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, I mean I don’t really care what they do, I just love their bodies, and they’re so sexy. How did you actually get into the business though?

    Teanna Trump: That’s a crazy story. I basically contacted an agency and they flew me out there. My mom and dad found out what was going on and they flew out there looking for me. There was a lot of drama on that trip. I lied to my mom. I told her I was just going to visit friends but she found my paperwork and she saw that it was porn so she flipped out. I posted a picture on Facebook so they knew exactly where I was so my mom, dad, and aunt all flew out there. When I got back home my mom flipped out and kicked me out of the house.

    7918589 teanna trump riding hard Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on I can’t say I blame them. Okay, so you went out to L.A. two months after you turned 18. That’s a lot to take in for somebody so young. Were you overwhelmed?

    Teanna Trump: No, not at all. The only time I was nervous was for my very first scene. It was a solo but it wasn’t even in L.A. It was in Arizona and I was alone and I didn’t know anybody. After that, it just kicked in and it was easy. So would you say you’re enjoying it so far?

    Teanna Trump: Hell yeah, it’s so much fun. I just wish I could shoot more often. I wish I could shoot every day. You would like it too. I would like what?

    Teanna Trump: Being a male talent. (Laughs)

    7233213 teen teanna trump shows off her impressive ass as she fucks Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via EbonyPorn on I highly doubt it. What does it feel like now that you have fans?

    Teanna Trump: It’s pretty strange because people just come up to me in the most weird, random places. And when you’re a pornstar and somebody comes up to you it’s like they just want you to be freaky. I don’t know, I think there’s a time and a place for it. They always come to me with a huge grin asking me if I’m Teanna Trump and I usually deny it. It’s always young guys; I’ve never had an old person approach me. So when you said you’ve been with athletes, did you mean famous and well known athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah I’ve been with guys from the NFL and the NBA. I haven’t been with any baseball players yet but that’s just because I’m not really into baseball. If I was I could definitely get one. How famous was the basketball player that you were with?

    Teanna Trump: Which one? (Laughs) There’s more than one?

    Teanna Trump: I’ve been with a bunch of them. More or less than 10?

    Teanna Trump: More, definitely. You’ve been with more than 10 NBA players?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, and more than 10 NFL players. (Laughs) You can go on my Instagram; I have a bunch of pictures with jerseys and stuff. How famous is the most famous one on a scale of 1 to 10?

    Teanna Trump: Oh, a 10 definitely, everybody knows who he is.

    6080164 teanna trump o club sandy Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via 171gifer on How did you meet these guys? You’re from Indiana.

    Teanna Trump: The first one I met was around my town. He would always bring his friends around and you meet them like that. Do you keep in contact with these guys?

    Teanna Trump: Hell yeah, I have some of them texting me all the time and I just don’t even want to text them back. I have every one of them wrapped around my finger. They fly me wherever I want. They give me money to do whatever I want. What about celebrities that aren’t athletes?

    Teanna Trump: Yeah, I have. I’ve been with a few famous rappers. You would know who they all are if I told you their names. Oh boy, I don’t even want to know, don’t tell me.

    Teanna Trump: They’re definitely household names. Do you get with women a lot as well?

    Teanna Trump: Rarely, but If I do they have to be bad. They have to be even cuter than me.

    4954482 teanna trump and mr pete in rise and shine Teanna Trump Interview!

    Source: via Isabella Yui on Is there a difference between your personal sex life and your work sex life?

    Teanna Trump: I would definitely say my personal sex life because when you’re working you don’t necessarily get to pick who you’re with so there might not be that natural attraction. When it’s somebody in my personal life it’s way crazier. I have a video of me with an athlete and it’s crazier than any porn I’ve ever done. I think you told me way too much stuff already.

    Teanna Trump: No you don’t, you don’t even know the half of it. Every day is a new story. If I told you everything then you would really be surprised. Trust me. Okay Teanna, with all that said, tell us what you have coming up and where your fans can reach you.

    Teanna Trump: I have a very hot video coming out with Evil Angel but I don’t want to say who it’s with yet. I have a ton of videos coming out and I can’t wait. I always post when I have new stuff coming out on my social media so everybody should follow me on Twitter at


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    Now see Teanna Trump in action!

    Source: Uploaded by user via desomore on

    Good God Teanna Trump is amazing! Don’t you wish you were an NBA/NFL/Rap star right about now?

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  • One Day At The Happy Ending Massage Parlor – PART 3

    Click here for Part 1. Click here for Part 2.

    We take a little break from the questions, and Yanik asks Maya, his favorite masseuse, to give us a tour of the parlor. The salon is quite small and contains only three massage rooms. In each room, there’s a massage bed in the centre, a few generic mass-produced pieces of wall art, and a towel storage console – the type of stuff you’d find in any normal spa. The shower inside the room and the funky neon lighting, however, give away that this isn’t your standard spa.

    whiteroom One Day At The Happy Ending Massage Parlor   PART 3

    As we explore the massage parlor facilities, taking photos on our smartphones as we go, Maya describes how the girls become experts of seduction. She elaborates: “It’s all about the first impression, here we have to create a fascinating experience for the client. He’s the king and he’s treated as such.”

    The girls put a lot of emphasis on their looks: they wear expensive perfumes, under their robes, they wear sexy lingerie (or sometimes nothing at all), and of course, high heels are key. Erotic music, scented candles and hot oil give the encounter a sensual touch. “That’s why clients always come back, we become secret lovers caught in ephemeral passion.”

    Maya concludes, “a lot of people ask me how a typical day for me is. I always respond that there is not a typical day in this profession. Every day is different. Even if you have been with the same client 100 times, it’s never the same. You never know what to expect from him and he never knows what to expect from you. It’s not like a traditional relationship – it has that touch of impossible and forbidden, which makes it deliciously unexpected. That’s why I love my job and even if it has left me some painful scars, I’m somehow madly in love with it.”

    Maria and I are so intrigued by the roll of her words, but alas, our time is up and we have to head back to real work. We set up a later date with Maya, to hear more about her riveting life and work as a masseuse, webcam girl, dominatrix, escort, and sex work advocate.

    As we kiss Maya goodbye, Yanik catches up to us “Hey girls, you’re leaving already? I thought you were going to get a massage, you know, to get the whole experience.” He winks.

    Maria and I blush and giggle, “We’re good! Maybe some other time!” We joke.

    As soon as we step out, we look at each other, and burst in unison: “Definitely some other time!”

    Stay tuned for our upcoming story on Maya.

    This visit took place at La Montréalaise, erotic massage parlor situated at 2748 Hochelaga street, Montreal (Qc), Canada.

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  • One Day At The Happy Ending Massage Parlor – PART 2

    For Part 1, click here.

    Yanik unashamedly admits that he loves his work mainly due to its highly lucrative nature. However, he continues, his job comes with its share of challenges and sacrifices. Since the salon’s opening, Yanik has had to find creative ways to compete in the underground and unregulated market of erotic massage parlors. In Canada, a new bill, C-36, which proposes four main regulatory measures of sex work “control” is pending approval. The previous law was abolished in December 2013 because it was unanimously deemed unconstitutional. The draft legislation proposes a model that criminalizes all purchase of sexual service and all communication to offer sex services in public places. The proposed bill also criminalizes all parties who gain material benefits from sex work such as the so called “pimps”, and additionally, it pushes to ban any advertising of sexual services. Yanik and his partner have been forced to survive in a war-like grey zone where anything is permitted in the name of profit.

    These erotic parlors take part in mutual spying and sabotaging, employee poaching, aggressive pricing and promotions. The constant price gouging means that a full servicing (and we mean full) could cost as little as $140. Other salons have gone as far as sending spies to infiltrate Yanik’s staff in order to steal their operational tactics.

    He takes a pause, and Maria asks “…this seems like a lot of stress, how do you find balance between your work and your personal life?”

    Yanik responds,

    “I have three young children. I see them regularly and they know about my job. However, I’ve given up on dating for now. I’ve tried and failed at finding a woman who accepts what I do. Public opinion about my line of work is pretty set in stone. For example, I was the VP of the Vegetarian Association of Montreal, but when they found out what I do, they kicked me out. But it hasn’t deterred me from defending my profession with dignity. That’s why I’m involved with sex work advocacy.”

    bwroom One Day At The Happy Ending Massage Parlor   PART 2

    However, despite all these hardships, Yanik admits that the most difficult part of his job is managing the girls. “A lot of times, this place can literally be a kindergarten.”

    “How many girls do you have on staff?” I inquire.

    Yanik employs between 20 and 30 girls. The girls come and go. The problem is mainly when girls are scheduled, but don’t call or show up in the morning. This happens most frequently when the girls have had been particularly fruitful the night before. We ask him how he handles this problem. He tells us that they have started to implement a fine of $150 for girls that don’t show up. “It isn’t such an effective rule,” he concedes.

    When asked how he finds his girls, he responds that it’s mostly through word-of-mouth. He quickly adds that “they have to be hot, they also need to be smart enough to hold a conversation – a lot of men come in to talk. The girls need to have experience, as well. That’s a must.”

    He confides that he has stopped requesting “interview massage demonstrations” from new girls who wanted to work at his salon, for fear of being perceived as exploitative.

    masseuse montrealaise One Day At The Happy Ending Massage Parlor   PART 2

    “What about STD testing?” we inquire. We find out this is actually quite a contentious issue. Because there are no clear laws regulating sex work rights and responsibilities, massage parlor owners cannot request mandatory testing – it would be considered a violation of privacy. “This is problematic, as there have been cases where clients report catching herpes and other STDs in these parlors.” He finishes, “I mean, right now, erotic salons are operating under the same permits as hair salons!”

    Continue to PART 3.

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  • One Day At The Happy Ending Massage Parlor – PART 1

    It’s a quarter to ten on Monday morning. Maria and I are on our way to work, but this is going to be a special start to the week – instead of heading to the office, we are walking against traffic on a busy street looking for one of the city’s many erotic massage parlors.

    When we get to the front door, we’re surprised at how conspicuous it is – I guess we were expecting some sort of camouflage.

    Continue Reading

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  • Pornstars Weirdest Masturbation Fantasies

    Do you ever find yourself laying on your bed totally nude? The lights are dim to create a romantic ambience. Your hands start to explore your private regions. You try to connect to the internet but the wi-fi isn’t working. You’ve committed to masturbating, but you’re not sure how to proceed without free porn found online.

    So you close your eyes and try to replay your favorite porn scene (or porn GIF or porn pictures) in your mind. However, your memory of your favorite porn just doesn’t have the same arousing effect as watching porn so you decide to do something you never thought you’d be forced to do for the rest of your life: use your imagination to masturbate.

    And you’re lying there, desperately trying to think of something that will get you hard.

    All the classic scenarios are there…

    …Teacher and student…

    Boss and secretary

    Patient and nurse...

    Pizza delivery man and woman who ordered a pizza with no intention of eating it...

    But those classic masturbation fantasies do nothing for you, so you start to think of strange new masturbation fantasies for you to work with.

    Like for example, you’re in an elevator with an older woman when suddenly the elevator stops. In shock, the older woman keels over. She’s had a heart attack. You call for assistance right away but you’re both still trapped in the elevator. By the time emergency services arrive to release you from your mechanical grave, the older woman has died.

    Weeks later you find yourself in the same elevator but this time alone. Just as you’re thinking, “Imagine how much it would suck if this elevator got stuck again?”, the elevator screeches to a halt. The lights flicker.

    From out of nowhere, the older woman who died next to you in the same elevator emerges. She turns to you and says, “The last thing I wanted to do before I became a ghost was suck your dick to pass the time while we were in this elevator. I must fulfill this task if my spirit is to move on from this plain of existence.”

    So she drops to her knees, undoes your pants and you start to receive the best damn ghost blowjob of your life.

    Everyone resorts to weird masturbation fantasies at one point in their life. But wouldn’t it be great if we knew what weird masturbation fantasies our favorite pornstars had?

    Well, thanks to our friends over at PEEPERZ, we now know! They took the time to ask all our favorite pornstars (like Asa Akira, Kennedy Leigh, Brandy Aniston, Mischa Brooks, Bonnie RottenKendall Karson and more!) about their weirdest masturbation fantasies. Needless to say, it’s good fun to found out what gets off the girls that get off for a living.

    SPOILER ALERT: some of them are pretty weird. But it only serves to make our favorite pornstars hotter because it solidifies them as true freaks in the sheets.

    via PEEPERZ.

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