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  • Move Over POV Porn, Virtual Sex To Become A Reality In 2015.

    Is there a better way to simulate sex with a hot pornstar than by grabbing your freshly cleaned Fleshlight and loading up some POV porn?

    By 2015, experts believe that this old way of simulating sex with your favorite pornstar will be obsolete thanks to Oculus Rift’s virtual reality technology.  Continue Reading

    October 24, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 6540

  • Nina Agdal Makes A Half-Court Shot, We Think…We Were Too Busy Admiring Nina Agdal’s Ass

    It’s been a minute since we checked in with Danish supermodel and woman we’d trample over our own mother to get next to, Nina Agdal.

    Last time we checked in with Nina Agdal, it was because we could see her boobs. We decided to end our regular coverage of Nina Agdal after seeing her boobs, since we were sure nothing could ever top that.

    And while nothing will ever top seeing Nina Agdal’s boobs, she did display some sick basketball skills on Instagram. Since the NBA season starts this coming Tuesday, the least we can do for Adam Silver’s association is share the video of Nina Agdal playing hoops to get you excited for basketball.  Continue Reading

    October 24, 2014 • Funny, Pictures & Vids, Porn, Sex, Sex News, Stuff • Views: 6410

  • Join for Free and You Could Win 250 Tokens

    Halloween is coming up.

    That means it’s time to get a massive migraine while you scramble to get a costume together that’s slightly better than “Man with Eyepatch” while your teeth and gums rot from eating too much candy.

    Let’s face it, the traditional way to celebrate Halloween is overrated. That’s why, we’re here to talk to you about an exciting new alternative to celebrating Halloween: camming with hot babes in costumes on CAM4.comContinue Reading

    October 24, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 971

  • Sasha Grey Reads Your Gross, Creepy Sexts

    Last time we checked in with the world’s most beloved former pornstar, Sasha Grey, she was making spying on American citizen sexy with her sexy NSA commercial.

    Now she’s starring in a new movie called Open Windows where a man named Nick (Elijah Wood, in the role he was born to play) winning a dinner date with his favorite actress, Grey’s Jill. When she doesn’t show, however, he’s offered the opportunity to constantly watch Jill through his computer. The premise is creepy, but her new movie’s creepiness pales in comparison to the creepy sexts Sasha Grey read for the latest instalment of Machinima’s “Creepy Test Theatre”.  Continue Reading

    October 21, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 6412

  • Messed Up Fetish: This Dude Likes to Have Sex With Cars

    And I’m not just talking about like, being curious one night when he’s drunk and sticking his dick between the seat cushions in the back.  Edward Smith isn’t just some horny teenager – he’s had sex with over 700 different cars, dating back to 1965.  Ah yes, that fateful night, Summer of ’65, where Smith noticed his neighbor’s car in the driveway.  I like to imagine that the car seductively revved its engines and flashed one headlight on and off at Smith.  That was when Andrew Smith decided that he was physically attracted to automobiles, and proceeded to fuck them.  Now THERE’S a fetish.

    Continue Reading

    October 15, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 7155

  • First There was the Fappening, and Now There’s the Snappening

    The Snappening is real, and it’s amongst us.

    Considering how extensive and popular our Self-Shot category is, I’m hesitant to suggest that you should stop saving/sending sexy selfies on your smartphone.  Nude selfies of hot babes make our digital world go around, and I don’t want to discourage sexy babes from pinning pictures of themselves to our site.  I’m not a monster.  I know our legion of faithful users would kill me.

    Continue Reading

    October 15, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 24720

  • Couple Had Sex In A Police Car After Being Arrested!

    A Wisconsin couple had sex in the back of a police cruiser after being arrested. The encounter, that was unfortunately interrupted when the arresting officer heard the woman “begin to moan loudly” while her legs were “touching the ceiling” of the cruise, according to a criminal complaintContinue Reading

    October 14, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 11317

  • Win A Signed Copy of Porsche Lynn’s Memoir “The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs”

    Porsche Lynn is a legend in the world of Adult Entertainment and known as The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs. She started her career as a burlesque performer, gracing the pages of most men’s magazines like High Society, Chic, and Cheri. She then went to on star in over 250 XXX-rated films between the years 1985-2002. During that time she became part of the Adult Hall of Fame, Legends of Erotica, Free Speech Coalition, X-Rated Critics, and the Hustler Hall of Fame. In her time after the camera, she went on to become one of the premiere Domina’s, as well as owning and operating her own dungeon located in Phoenix, AZ, where she continues to be an advocate for free speech, sexual exploration (especially in the area of power exchange), and sexual education.

    Porsche Lynn has just published a memoir of her rise through the sex industry titled The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs and we have three signed copies for you to win!  Continue Reading

    October 10, 2014 • Pornstars, Sex News • Views: 9852

  • Mixxxer, The New Tinder That’s Strictly For Sex

    When Tinder first came out, the app was billed as the world’s first hook-up app. And though there’s nothing more satisfying than swiping left and seeing “NOPE” appear over someone’s pictures in big red letters, Tinder is ultimately flawed because “hook-up” is a loosely definable term.

    Personally, I would define a “hook-up” as penis in vagina (vagina on vagina for lesbians and penis in ass for gay men). Though some people say, “We didn’t have sex, we just hooked-up.” Now what the fuck is that supposed to mean? You made out? You went down on each other? You exchanged phone numbers? What the fuck is hooking-up exactly?

    Tinder promised us unlimited access to casual sex partners but has only given us a handful of one-night stands. Surprisingly, liking each other’s pictures doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking for the same thing. Your latest match might be looking for a relationship rather than 45 minutes of underwhelming sex. It’s totally fucked up.

    It was a bachelor party in Arizona, where a group of friend were expressing the same malaise toward Tinder that bore a brand new hook-up app that doesn’t leave you wondering whether or not the cutie you’re checking out is DTF or looking for something serious. Mixxxer is the new Tinder that’s strictly for sex.  Continue Reading

    October 9, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 9905

  • Australians Don’t Wear Condoms Because Porn

    Why is science always trying to tell us that watching porn is bad for us? Continue Reading

    October 9, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 5650