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  • Ten Questions And Answers About BDSM

    Dan Singer is a dungeon master, film director and BDSM educational author at Wasteland and has been actively involved in the BDSM scene since 1975.  Today, he joins us on the Blog to answer ten questions about BDSM. You can see more of his writings and films at

    1. Why are BDSM Attributes (tools, clothing and gear) often so expensive?

    • There are several reasons why BDSM attributes are expensive. The majority are being sold through the sex-industry where it is normal policy to double or quadruple prices.
    • The market for BDSM attributes is small and many items are being produced in small quantities and often (largely or partially) handmade.
    • Raw materials such as leather are quite expensive.
    • A lot of attributes, such as riding crops, canes, rope, etcetera, are much cheaper when bought in normal consumer outlets, like riding or boat shops, outdoor shops or garden centers.
    • Other items – such as floggers, cuffs, collars and leashes – are relatively easy to make yourself. This can be more fun and a lot cheaper.

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  • 9 Of The Best Surfaces/Furniture to Have Sex On At Home

    I had a little bit of an embarrassing moment this past weekend, that I shall not explain in detail, but instead, will use to extend a little bit of advice: Don’t have sex on a hammock unless you have the balance of a gold medal gymnast, or you’ll end up bruised and limping and not in the good way.

    So basically, that got me thinking. What are the best surfaces/furniture to have sex on at home? You betcha a hammock isn’t going to be on this list.

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  • Porn Stars Give Relationship Advice

    PORN STARS! You either love them or you hate them. But because you’re currently reading‘s illustrious Blog, I’m willing to guess that you love porn stars simply because this is a blog committed to covering porn stars as often as possible (and whatever else that might be considered sex news).

    No matter how you feel about the stars of the adult world, you have to admit that they always bring a fresh perspective to relationships. After all, what is often considered to be the worst possible that can happen to a relationship? Unless you’re down with hotwifing, seeing your partner get fucked by another person is almost unanimously the shittiest that can happen in a relationship.

    But that’s what porn stars do for a living (sorry, spoiler alert). They have a relatively small pool of talent to fuck on camera, meanwhile their partner has to stay at home or watch from the sidelines. So how do you make a relationship work when at least one of you is fucking strangers all day? You’d think that an all-consuming jealousy would eventually take over and ruin the relationship? The old rhetoric is that, “The sex is strictly professional.” But still. It must be hard right? I don’t think I could date a porn star without our relationship being consumed by jealousy. However, I’m willing to try. So all porn stars interested in dating me, hit me up on Twitter: @CDustySexBlog.

    Relationships are a struggle. And given their unconventional nature, porn star relationships can be a bit more complex than the relationship you and I would have. It’s definitely part of the reason why I shoe-horn a question about into all my porn star interviews.

    Thankfully, to get a better understanding of how porn stars make their personal relationships work, BuzzFeed sat down with porn stars James Deen, Allie Haze, Paris Kennedy, Danny Wylde and Milcah Halili to pick their brain about relationships. Their unique perspective on relationships could just provide you with some insight that might save your relationship!  Continue Reading

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  • The Difference Between Hotwifing & Cuckolding Explained

    Hotwifing is on the rise, but at first glance it’s easy for one to mistake it for cuckolding.

    So what exactly is the difference between hotwifing and cuckolding?

    Upon the release of their new hotwifing-themed movie I LOVE MY HOT WIFE directed by the spectacular Jacky St. James, New Sensations took the time to define hotwifing for all of us.  Continue Reading

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  • 4 Simple Tips To Last Longer In Bed

    Whenever a man has a question about sex, you can bet big money that it’s going to be either one of these two sex questions:

    1. “How can I make my penis bigger?”
    2. “How can I last longer in bed?”

    These are the two most common questions sex experts are asked by men (though often they might be worded differently). Why? Probably because having a small penis and cumming too quickly are generally thought of as emasculating.

    Last month, we established why having a big dick isn’t so great and now I’d like provide some reassurance for my fellow by sharing 4 simple tips to last longer in bed. Are you ready to stop worrying about cumming too soon and love having marathon sex? Then pay attention!  Continue Reading

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  • Red Velvet Answers: How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I’m Bisexual?

    I got a very interesting question on Tumblr that I felt like I should answer here because we completely forgot to celebrate Bisexual Pride day on September 23.  Here’s the question:

    “I’ve been thinking about threesomes a lot lately and I realized I really want to try to bring up the idea of having one with my boyfriend and another girl, but I have no idea how to tell him. I haven’t even told him I’m bisexual because my last boyfriend was so uncomfortable with it. What do I do?”

    I think you already know the answer here but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Continue Reading

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  • The 23 Different Kinds Of Facials Ranked For #FacialFriday

    Finally! Friday! Oh excuse me. I mean…

    Finally! #FacialFriday!

    After we found out that Emma Watson’s nude photos were a lame-ass hoax, this week has slowed to a crawl. While time was moving at snail’s pace, I took the time to review and rank all  kinds of facials.

    So in honor of #FacialFriday, here are the 23 different kinds of facials ranked from worst to best.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Lube

    It’s crazy to me that in 2014, there are some people that are still having sex without using lube.

    Why don’t you just use a rotary phone or heat your home with a fire? You might as well because you’re living in the dark ages if you’re still not using lube during sex.

    For slipperier, satisfaction-guaranteed sex, all you need to do is add a few drops of lube! But hey, don’t let me just tell you to start using lube, let me breakdown the Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LubeContinue Reading

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  • This Awesome Porn Video Will Save Your Sex Life

    Boyfriends! Girlfriends! Husbands! Wives! Mothers and daughters? Everyone! Gather round!

    If you’re trapped in a sexless relationship, then you need to watch this porn video we just found! It will literally save your sex life!

    Some of you might be skeptical that a porn video could possibly save your sex life, but I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly normal for all kinds of couples to turn to porn videos in order to save their sex lives.

    For one, watching porn together is a shared experience. Any time a couple shares an experience with one another, it can only be good for the relationship because you’re both investing in time together. Why not invest in time together by ramping up the eroticism by watching porn videos?  Continue Reading

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  • 7 Things To Do After Sex

    In a fit of passion, you wrap your arms tightly around your lover beneath you as stare deeply in to their eyes. You feel the swell of ecstasy building inside you. You’ve had passionate sex before, but never like this – never with so much electricity in the air. Both your movements are in tune as your bodies synch up and flow rhythmically before you can’t fight the impending orgasm for any longer.

    You succumb to the pleasure. You go numb, feeling only the wave of bliss that starts at your toes and builds upwards through your body and finally releases out your extremities with a mind bending orgasm.

    Alright, enough with the romance – let’s get down to business. Not everyone has picture perfect sex as described here, but the premise for sex is almost always the same. You pair off, fuck exactly how you like it and once you’re done, the unwinding process begins.

    Just what is the post sex unwinding process, anyway? I know Chico is all about after-play once he’s done boning. Many people have different interpretations of the core definition but most would describe it as “how you enjoy regaining your breath and relaxing post coitus”. It’s one of the best parts of having sex, if you’re with the right partner.

    There are literally hundreds of post sex activities that you can participate in, but we here at care about your sex life, so we’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 After Sex Activities that you’ll love. If you don’t find a single one that works for you, then you should get at me on twitter to tell me your sexy secrets. They’re safe with me. I promise.  Continue Reading

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