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  • 8 Ways To Have Sex At Your Thanksgiving Family Gathering

    Nothing makes sex hotter than doing it in a situation that’s not conducive to getting down.

    Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means you’re either on your way home to your family or family is coming to you. If you fall in neither category, congratulations! You don’t have to deal with all this sneaking around. You can go about boning in the way that’s most convenient to you.

    If you are hosting or spending time with family this Thanksgiving, then you know your sex life is going to take a hit. Sucks, doesn’t it?

    Well it doesn’t have to! This year, the Blog has come up with 8 ways to have sex at your Thanksgiving family gathering so you can still enjoy a happy and healthy sex life even with the family around.  Continue Reading

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  • Thanksgiving Sex Tip: Food Play Will Get You Through The Holiday

    Thanksgiving is upon us!

    I’m a big Thanksgiving fan because it gives me a chance to travel back to my hometown, see how time has ravaged my classmates and almost get into drunken brawls with puritan family members.

    If there’s one thing I don’t like about Thanksgiving, it’s the fact that we’re basically celebrating the genocide of native people it’s seeing so much food go to waste!

    But this Thanksgiving is going to be different. Instead of putting tons of leftovers in tupperware only to throw them out in mid-December when they’re more mold than food, I say it’s time to take those leftovers and have some fun with food play!  Continue Reading

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  • How To Use A Fleshlight with Your Lover

    When it comes to male masturbatory aids, this porn blog can only endorse trying a Fleshlight.


    Because Fleshlights are the best male sex toy on the market. It’s really as simple as that.

    Whenever we’ve written about Fleshlights in the past, we’ve only written about it in terms of solo use. So it’s time that we correct our omission of couples play with Fleshlights. Though Fleshlights are a lot of fun to use on yourself when you’re alone, it’s even better when you use it with a lover for some unforgettable foreplayContinue Reading

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  • Quick Guide: Spanking

    Spanking! It’s not just an antiquated and cruel parenting technique!

    No, spanking is something we during sex. Erotic spanking is so ubiquitous that I’m willing to bet that even you, dear reader, have spanked someone or have been spanked.

    Don’t worry, spanking is nothing to be ashamed of. Spanking injects a bit of playful pain to the intimate experience!

    But the question is…are you spanking your significant other correctly? Well, you’re about to learn how to spank with proper technique in this sex tipContinue Reading

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  • How Can I Get Better At Riding My BF’s Cock? – Chico’s Sex Advice

    This is Chico’s Sex Advice, a semi-regular column where I, Chico Dusty, apply my knowledge of all things sex to solve your sex problems, answer your sex questions and provide you with general sex advice.

    If you need sex advice or if you have a question about sex that needs answering, feel free to send an email to and I’ll solve all your problems.

    Today, a reader who calls herself  Miss Moon writes…

    “I’m terrible at being on top. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, I can’t do it! I suck at riding. I know I’m not doing it right, which makes riding him embarrassing and it gets harder and harder for me to work up the nerve to even try. My boyfriend has told me he doesn’t enjoy sex when I try to get on top, and as a result, we’re not having that as much sex as we’d like because he needs to do all the work. Do you have any sex tips for how I can get better at riding my boyfriend’s cock?”  Continue Reading

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  • 9 Sex Tips Guaranteed To Make Her Cum Like Crazy

    Let me start by saying that good sex is not depended on orgasms. Sure, it’s obviously nicer when both parties get to cum one or more times throughout the night, but you shouldn’t get down on yourself if it doesn’t happen!

    That said, GREAT sex is when you can make your girl cum like crazy. Like can’t walk straight for a few days because she came so hard. If you want to have explosive sex and make your girl cum like crazy, try these 9 sex tips that will help your girl cum like crazy.  Continue Reading

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  • 14 Arguments For Why Your GF Should Let You Give Her a Cum Shot In The Face

    Given the popularity of’s Cum Shot category, I think it’s safe to assume that you guys like to see hot pornstars get a cum shot to the face.

    Who doesn’t love a good cum shot? In porn, a cum shot punctuates the sexual narrative. You might even say that a cum shot at the end of the scene represents the sexual satisfaction of male viewers around the world, fapping to free porn videos.

    Unfortunately, real life sex is does not always imitate what we’ve seen in porn videos. In particular, women who like getting a cum shot to the face are few and far between. Some women are grossed out by semen. Some women feel that a cum shot to the face is degrading. Whatever the reason, it’s rare to actually get permission to give a girl a cum shot.

    The Blog is a firm believer that people should experience their sexual fantasies, not just fantasize about them. And since we know you guys fantasize about cum shots, we’ve come up with a list of 14 Arguments For Why Your GF Should Let You Give Her a Cum Shot In The Face. So if you want your cum shot fantasy to become a reality, get ready to learn some lines!  Continue Reading

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  • Red Velvet’s Complete Guide to Lesbian Scissoring

    You all watch porn, so you guys definitely know that lesbians do all sorts of awesome sex acts and are not limited to just scissoring. However, not everybody does and I often get the question “So you scissor?” when telling people I’m a lesbian.

    Generally, it’s a little rude to ask people about their sex lives when you first meet them, so I usually just say “Sometimes, how about you?” and move on to a different topic, but in all seriousness, despite what a lot of people who know nothing about lesbian sex seem to think, not a lot of lesbian scissor.

    Why? Because it’s actually kind of hard when you get down to it and if done wrong, can be quite awkward too (but that’s true for most sex acts anyway). So if you’ve wanted to scissor or just wanted to know about it but have just never known how, well you’re in luck, because you all have me. As a lesbian who has done some scissoring myself and has found it enjoyable, I feel it is my duty to provide a guide to scissoring for lesbians, bisexuals and anybody curious. Now there’s just no excuse to miss out on the fun. So here we go:  Continue Reading

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  • 6 Tips For Playing with Boobs That Will Drive Women Crazy

    Recently, I’ve been hearing some women are frustrated that men aren’t giving boobs enough attention.

    At first I thought, how can that be possible? There are millions of men jerking off to’s big tit category on a daily basis. Why, when presented with boobs in real life, would men ignore what they’ve spent so much time coveting online?

    Then I remembered that most men are desperate to seem good at sex, so it seems likely that they’re skipping the tits and going straight for the clit. After all, most men think that the clitoris is an automatic orgasm button that will make their woman cum if pressed correctly.

    Guys, it don’t work like that. If you want to be good at sex, you need to stimulate all the erogenous zones, including the boobs. To help you earn that reputation of world’s greatest love machine, we are about to tell you the right way to play with boobs that will drive women crazy.

    Keep reading if you want to know how to play with boobs and be good at sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Sex Pranks, Ranked

    I don’t know how others feel about this, but I’m a firm believer that sex should be fun. Of course, sex is inherently fun it’s the only acceptable time for two (or more) people to rub their genitals together.

    But you know what makes sex even more fun? WHEN YOU’RE FUNNY DURING SEX.

    That’s why I perform anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour of stand-up comedy when I’m having sex (the amount of stand-up comedy I do depends on how long I last and how many rounds we go). The only problem is that stand-up comedy is extremely hard and an average Joe like yourself cannot hope to ever get up on stage and underwhelm a room full of strangers with your prepared remarks. So instead, we’ll be focusing on sex pranks. You know, mischievous acts or practical jokes done during sex. Sure, it’s low-brow but who cares! They can be funny.

    In an effort to make having sex more fun by making it funny, here is our definitive ranking of SEX PRANKS from worst to best.  Continue Reading

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