Chanel Preston is Tonight’s Girlfriend

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vertical copy Chanel Preston is Tonights Girlfriend

Chanel Preston

In reference to the post Dating Pornstars, I should tell you that I voted for relationship in lieu of just sex.

I’m tired of just having sex. Intimacy and commitment is what turns me on nowadays.

But then again, I’m still a man. I’m still a slave to my urges. So if I ever had an opportunity to call up Chanel Preston, invite her over to my hotel room, drop a donation on her, and then have her fuck my brains out for an hour, of course I would do it.

Since you and I may never get the chance to get Chanel Preston alone in our swanky hotel rooms, thank goodness we can do is see Chanel Preston pay a visit to Mr. Pete’s hotel room for an amazing evening of sex. That’s right! Chanel Preston is Tonight’s Girlfriend. 


Please excuse me. I have to go make lots of money so I can rent a hotel room and get Chanel Preston up there ASAP.

While I do that, I suggest you visit the nice people who got Chanel nude and having sex for us, Tonight’s Girlfriend.

Sharing Gets You Laid
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