Changing Sex Positions

SEX, obviously

SEX, obviously

Earlier this week, I revealed that the first time I ever had sex it ended with me cumming in the face of the only older woman lonely enough to have sex with me.

Why did I do that?

Because I’d seen it in porn movies and I thought that cumshots were a normal part of sexual relations. By the way, they’re not! So unless your partner has communicated to you a desire to have her face covered in cum, don’t cum in her face.

The point of this story is sex can be affected by porn whether we know it or not because we hardly ever see sex that’s not porn. We’re bound to take tropes from porn and apply them to our own personal sex lives.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. It can be if you cum in someone’s face without warning. But there are some things that we learn from porn that aren’t such a bad thing. I’m thinking specifically of changing sex positions.

In porn movies, after the oral sex foreplay segment, there is about an average of four sex positions per scene. I estimate that 90% of the time in straight porn with one woman and one man that the sex positions in the scene will be missionary, cowgirl, reserve cowgirl, and doggystyle.

The spoon sex position has been getting a lot of traction these days and it’s becoming a staple sex position in porn movies, but for now let’s just say the most common sex positions are the ones I mentioned previously.

So without counting oral sex, there is on average four sex positions per porn scene (if you don’t believe me, just watch a few videos on and see if I’m right), which means there are three sex position changes during sex.

I want to know if seeing four standard sex positions in porn has affected your own perception of how many sex positions you attempt during sex.

So…how many different sex positions do you do during sex? 

Now that I know how many different sex positions you try during sex, I would now like to know which sex position is your favorite:

Thanks for taking the time to vote!

If your favorite sex position is not included in this poll, please let me know what it is in the comments.

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  • david

    my favorite position is called the dragon. it’s spoons in a doggy orientation.