CHEATING: Do’s & Don’ts

Is this cheating or pimping? I'll let you decide.

Is this cheating or pimping? I’ll let you decide.


Whether it’s to win a race, pass a test, or to get unlimited ammo in a video game, we’ve all cheated or considered cheating at least once (if not hundreds of times). While these examples of cheating are clear cut breaking the rules to gain an advantage, cheating in a relationship is way more ambiguous. Because what advantage does cheating in a relationship give you? More sex, I guess. But the stress cancels out that advantage.

What even constitutes cheating in a relationship anymore? Are you cheating on someone when you tightly close your eyes and imagine Kagney Linn Karter during sex? Are men and women allowed to talk to each other once they’re involved? What the heck is it?

Lucky for us polled some Redditors for a definitive info-graphic on cheating. Everything you wanted to know about cheating’s Do’s and Don’ts is here. Let’s take a look:



Although all this data is interesting, can we all just agree that once things get physical it becomes cheating? The older demographics have already figured this out, clearly. Young people, you’re making a big deal about nothing. Porn, imagination, and flirting is just fun, it’s not infidelity.

Sure, you could argue that porn, imagination, and flirting lead to infidelity but maybe you need to reevaluate your relationship if you’re constantly watching porn, fantasizing about other partners, and flirting with people.

Overall, cheating sucks. If you can avoid it, you should. But if you have to cheat, at least 52% of women and 31% of men will still be your friend.

I’m looking forward to being between the ages of 45 and 64 when only 50 to 80% of that demographic consider oral sex cheating. I like those odds.

Great work!

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