Checkin’ in with Sasha Grey

What up, Sasha Grey?

Last time we heard from Sasha Grey, she was preparing for her erotic literature debut. However, that was months ago and many of us have been wondering what the retired porn superstar has been doing with her time. Well, I have good news for you because she’s not loafing around on the computer like you and I.

Sasha Grey is busy making music. Her band, aTelecine, made their live debut Saturday, October 20th at Poland’s UNSOUND festival.

In The Guardian‘s profile of aTelecine, Sasha admitted that she flirted with the idea of incorporating her porn past for the live show. She explained that porn and music would be an organic partnership because she viewed porn acting as performance art pieces. She explained further that, “Obviously that’s not always translated to people watching it in five-second clips. So it would have been a way to really grab the focus of the audience. But ultimately we felt it would have been cheaper if we’d approached it that way, because it would have been expected.”

How cool is Sasha Grey? She was ready to get back into porn-mode to spice up the set but decided to sit virtually motionless, fingering* a laptop because she refused to do what was expected of her. That’s exactly the attitude that allowed her to conquer the porn world in such a small amount of time. Will it work for the music industry?

I do respect Sasha Grey for letting her music (also her bandmates’s music!) speak for itself but if I may, I would like to play Devil’s Advocate to bring up an excellent point. Sasha Grey playing industrial music that was described as, “eerie, synthesized and psychologically probing with mysterious landscapes and half-memories”and doing porn live would be one out of control show. Would Poland have survived an event like that? Probably not.

If you’re interested in hearing Sasha Grey’s music, aTelecine’s album The Falcon and The Pod is out now through Pendu Sound Recordings.

You can also hear their song on their MySpace page.

*LOL fingering.

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