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This girl is perfect for friendship and love

Sex is complicated. No one understands that better than me. That’s why if you have a question about sex, I’m prepared to answer your questions with sexpert sex advice in this special Blog feature, Chico’s Sex Advice.

Today’s question comes from a loyal Blog pawn by the name of Millie.

Mille asks,

“Hi Chico. First I have to tell you I like u so much. And I want to know how can I have a girl for friendship and love?”

First I have to tell you that I like you so much Millie!

Now, how can you get a girl for friendship and love? 

The short answer is CONFIDENCE.

Women are attracted to confidence because confidence is a reflection of your value. Once you start feeling confident around women, you’ll start to attract more women and eventually you’ll find one that can provide you with the friendship and love you’re looking for.

Of course, confidence won’t come to you over night. It has to be built up over time.

It’s easy to focus on any short-comings you may have. What you need to do is stop thinking about what you lack and focus on what you have to offer. Just remember that you’re great and any woman would be lucky to have you.

You can Google how to be more confident if you need more advice but once you start feeling confident the best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

Just don’t be cocky. Acting cocky makes you an asshole.

What’s worked for me in the past is just taking chances. When you see an attractive woman, just talk to her! See if there’s a spark. If there is, keep talking to her. Who knows? You might hit it off.

What’s the worst that can happen? She’ll blow you off? Who cares?

I know rejection might seem scary but if you’re ever going to find friendship and love, you need to accept that you’re going to face a lot of rejection. The good thing about being rejected by beautiful women is that it gets easier the more it happens.

When I was a much, much younger man, I would lock myself in my bedroom and listen to Morrissey at full volume to really stew in my sadness every time I was rejected by a beautiful woman. Nowadays I just shrug it off because it’s happened so many times that it doesn’t really bother me. I just remind myself, “Despite my crippling pornography addiction, I’m a great catch.” And you’re a catch too!

Think of it this way. Sex hurts the first couple of times you do it, but you keep trying it and eventually it feels good. It’s the same with attracting women. It might hurt the first few times you try it, but it gets easier.

Just remember to be confident (but not cocky) and that there are lots of other women in the world that could fall in love with you and be your friend. Keep your head up and keep trying and eventually you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Millie, thank you so much for your question, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you buddy.

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