Chloe Amour is Sweet as Syrup


Chloe Amour

I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of licking maple syrup off a naked woman’s skin. Yes, it’s sexy and it tastes good but maple syrup is just too dang sticky.

No matter how many licks you take, your tongue will never get all the syrup which leads to future gross-outs once your food-foreplay has concluded.

Why don’t I just cover you in glue before laying you down on my Egyptian cotton sheets so that they’re totally ruined and I’m sheet-less for the rest of my life?

So yeah, I don’t believe that naked women and maple syrup should mix. Of course, the exception to the “No nude women & maple syrup” rule is adorable, Latina pornstar and Blog favorite Chloe Amour.

Just watch as Chloe Amour strips off her dress in the shower and pours maple syrup all over her sexy, carmel-colored skin. It has me rethinking my rules:

Chloe Amour – Sweet Syrup from striplvTV on Vimeo.

Pour maple syrup all over naked women in the shower! Of course! No more ruined sheets!

Thank you Chloe Amour for turning me on to maple syrup again…and for turning me on in general…

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Published on: January 7, 2014

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