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Merry XXXmas y’all

Most people tend to spend the holidays with family. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to spend Christmas with just your significant other, you two should celebrate with some festive role play sex.

Why should you try role play this Christmas? Because role play lets you act out your wildest sexual fantasies and it’s more fun than your regular old foreplay!

To get you started on your Christmas-themed sexual role play, here are some 100% original Blog-certified sexy Christmas role play scenarios. 

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“That’s what Christmas is all about…” scenario

It’s Christmas and you’re depressed by the over-commercialization and secularization of the holiday. You decide to go see your 5 cent therapist up the street. While talking about your problems with the new nature of the holiday, she suggests that you get more involved in the holiday by directing the Christmas play.

Exhilarated by the idea, you decide find a proper Christmas tree for the play. But before you do, you and your therapist have some good old fashioned breakthrough sex.

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Brazil scenario

T’is the season in the bureaucracy ruled dystopian future. Your downstairs neighbor is mistaken for a terrorist by the state and is wrongfully arrested. It’s not long before you and the woman from your dreams (who coincidentally was your upstairs neighbor all along) are suspected terrorists as well. Together, you elope from the oppressive bureaucracy and have some hot sex before you realize that your escape has all been a delusion.

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Lethal Weapon scenario

You’re LAPD detective Murtaugh whose age is quickly catching up to him. You just received a message from Michael Funkhauser, an old Vietnam War buddy of yours. Before you can meet him, you’re sent to investigate a suicide and it just so happens it’s Funkhauser’s daughter, Amanda. When you return to the precinct, your captain has news for you.

Your new partner is the sexy and psychotic Detective Riggs. At first, you can’t stand each other but as you unravel the mystery surrounding Amanda’s suicide, you realize that you’re made for each other and take long breaks from the investigation to bang around Los Angeles.

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Grinch scenario

You’re a bitter, cave-dwelling green creature who is sick of seeing the Whos of Whoville celebrate Christmas. This year, you decide to stop Christmas from coming to Whoville by stealing all the presents, decorations, and food on Christmas Eve. Crudely disguised as Santa Claus, you infiltrate the homes around town, stealing Christmas from the Whos.

During one burglary, you’re interrupted by a sexy Who-MILF. You decide to tie her up so that you can continue stealing Christmas. As you loot her home in front of her eyes, she proposes a deal. She gets to keep her Christmas presents, decorations, and food in exchange for the best sex you’ll ever had.

Though your hate for Christmas is strong, you’ve been alone in your cave atop Mount Crumpit for a long time. Ultimately, your desire for sex outweighs your hate for Christmas so you untie the Who-MILF and proceed to have the best sex of your life.

Note: untying the Who-MILF is optional.

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Dickensian scenario

It’s Christmas Eve but you don’t care because you’re an a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old miser that has no time for kindness, charity, compassion or sex. It’s been exactly seven years since your business partner passed away.

On that bitingly cold Christmas Eve, you’re visited by her ghost. She tells you that your ghost will live in chains lest you change your ways. Still resistant, your business partner says that you will be visited by three spirits during the night: the spirit of the best sex you ever had, the spirit of the sex you could be having now, and the spirit of sex yet to come.

Each spirit opens your eyes to the wonders of sex and you spend Christmas banging as many people as possible.

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Elf scenario

You’re a human that’s been raised by elves in Santa’s workshop. The time has come for you to venture down to the human world to find your biological father, James Caan. You meet your father at the Empire State building, but he wants nothing to do with you.

Hurt, alone, and scared, you wander into the “North Pole” section of a midtown Manhattan department store. There you meet Zooey Deschanel, who listens to your story and feels sorry for you. She takes you home for some pity sex because everyone knows that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to have pity sex with strangers.

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Santa and sour milk scenario

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa (aka you) is busy bringing presents to the nice people of the world. You slide down the chimney of a horny 19 year old who has left you milk that’s gone sour. The disgusting taste causes you to make a racket, waking up the horny 19 year old. She enters the living room totally naked.

Seeing her nubile, naked body makes you realize that she’s been very naughty this year. But instead of coal, she’s going to get her stocking stuffed with Santa’s hard dick.

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Die Hard scenario

You’re a New York cop that’s just flown to California to see your family. Shortly after arriving at your wife’s office Christmas party, the building is taken over by an all-star team of terrorist-thieves. One by one, you take out the terrorist-thieves.

Bloodied and beaten, you are finally reunited with your wife for some victory sex before the Nakatomi building collapses into rubble.

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It’s a wonderful sex life scenario

You’re just a guy that’s always tried to do the right thing, except this Christmas doing the right thing has left you destitute and contemplating suicide. You wish that you had never been born. After making this wish, you’re visited by a sexy angel who tells you that if you had never been born you would never know the pleasures of sex. She proceeds to show you the wonders of sex by angelically fucking you.

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Home alone scenario

Thanks to a series of implausible coincidences, your family is off to Paris and you’re home alone! It’s the greatest Christmas ever! That is until you’re forced to face-off with a professional cat burglar.

Committed to protecting your home, you set up a number of booby-traps throughout your house which incapacitate the cat burglar. While he’s incapacitated, you tie him up to the bed.

When he comes to, you decide to show him the true meaning of Christmas, which for some reason is some light BDSM sex.

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There you go!

10 100% original sexual role play scenarios for you and your significant other to try this holiday season!

Have fun and stay safe!

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