Calm Down. Those Demi Lovato Nudes Are Fake.


I wonder if “Let It Go” was inspired by what Wilmer Valderrama was screaming during this picture.

I’ll be honest, when news first broke that there were Demi Lovato nude pictures for sale, I had a feeling that if they ever saw the light of day they’d be boring as hell.

Well, those Demi Lovato nude pictures for sale have been published on the internet and I’m sorry to say that my prediction was 100% accurate.

The new M.O. for former Disney stars is to put out some sexy selfies if they want to be considered anything more than a Disney property. And though the act of a former Disney star leaking sexy selfies may help with their public perception, you have to admit that their photos are never that interesting. For proof of this, just look at Jennette McCurdy’s sexy selfies.

No matter how hard they try, they’re still spic-and-span, squeaky clean.

Let’s take a look at the Demi Lovato nudes now: 


There is one good thing about these pictures and that’s Wilmer Valderrama. I had just assumed that after That 70’s Show and Yo Mama went off the air that he just shrivelled up and died. Turns out, he’s banging Demi Lovato. Life sure is mysterious.

So the Demi Lovato nudes are just a couple of bedroom selfies with her husband. Talk about a huge disappointment.

But it gets worse. Included in these bedroom selfies were the following two photos:



I know what you’re thinking…You’re thinking, “Yo, why are these pictures worse than those other ones that were hella disappointing?” Well, I’ll tell you why! Because these pictures are totally fake!

The first picture that features “Demi Lovato” facing the camera nude on all fours looks nothing like Demi Lovato. I can see how people would mistake her for Demi Lovato because of the crucifix tattoo on her hand, but other than that she’s a poor excuse for a Demi Lovato look-a-like. Which isn’t me suggesting she’s not hot, because she totally is. But c’mon.

And as for the second picture featuring “Demi Lovato”‘s tits, it’s also a fake. I know you don’t want it to be true but Gawker was quick to point out that if this really is Demi Lovato posing topless for a selfie, her tattoos inexplicably got darker and blotchier. Check out their side by side comparison:

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So close.

Anyways, these Demi Lovato nudes are two things: fake and boring.

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