Cuddling The Key To Great Sex According To New Study

Cuddling! It’s often portrayed as something only women are interested in after sex or some kind of chore, but a new study out of the University of Toronto has found that cuddling is really the key to great sex.

After asking 335 people about their sex lives and habits, it was determined that the majority of people in long-term relationships identified post-coital cuddling as being essential to their overall sexual satisfaction and happiness. 138 men were just as likely to be into cuddling as the 198 women who participated in the study.

Of the people who participated in the survey, 84% were either married or living with their sexual partner. Of course, it’s possible that these people are predisposed to say that cuddling is essential to their sexual satisfaction and happiness because they clearly are the type of people that value intimacy and stability, which is exactly what post-coital cuddling represents. Meanwhile, those of us who don’t care for anything other than banging as many people as possible, of course we’re not worried about cuddling because that’s valuable time wasted cuddling when it could be better spent finding new people to bang.

So if your sex life has been slightly lacklustre as of late, try spending some time cuddling the one you love! You might find that it’s been the missing ingredient all along for great sex.

[h/t: National Post]

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Published on: June 2, 2014

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