Cute Latina Chloe Amour Gets Interviewed

Chloe Amour

Chloe Amour

It feels like every day I find a new favorite pornstar. I’m not sure what they’ve done but the new crop of 18 to 23 year old pornstars are some of the sexiest women in the world.

While there are always new, sexy pornstars to be discovered, it’s pornstars like adorable latina Chloe Amour that pull off being sexy and cute at the same that put them above all others. 

The first time I saw Chloe Amour, I said to myself, “Oh my god, who is this girl? I need to get her on the blog.” Normally when that happens a girl just ends up in the Babes section but thanks to my friends at RisingStarPR, we were able to do an interview! So please enjoy my interview with your new favorite, adorable latina babe, Chloe Amour. 

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 So you’ve been in the adult industry since March 2013. How has it been so far?

Technically started working early April 2013. A real lifesaver. It has been so fun and liberating. I couldn’t imagine going back to a regular Job. Porn isn’t for everyone but it’s helped me in ways no other jobs can and it has many opportunities to offer in adult entertainment as well as just the entertainment industry in general.

Any advice or lessons you’ve learned in your short time in the industry that you’d like to pass on to the future-pornstars reading this interview?

I would suggest for certain types of scenes to wait doing so you can try to start off with the highest rate possible. And to not waste any time, each day is valuable in this industry and you don’t want to miss out! Also save money, connect with your fans, give each scene 110% and start a website :)

What was your relationship with porn before you started? Were you a fan or not interested?

I was in between. I didn’t watch porn very often or wasn’t very familiar with people who were working in the industry. But I was attracted to porn. I enjoyed watching hardcore girl girl porn whenever I was having sex at least once or twice a month. While I wasn’t watching porn, I thought about what it would be like to be a “porn star” :) especially after I saw the AVN Awards.

How has doing porn affected your love life?

Dating someone while doing porn is not been easy. There are always concerns of trust, lying, cheating, and health risks that get brought up. All I can do is stay true to myself. My significant other has to be able to understand to handle this as well or else there is no relationship. In order to make it work the other person had to be understanding, open-minded, positive, supportive and non-judge mental.

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I heard that you started doing porn because an agency recruited you after seeing Playboy pics. How did you end up in Playboy?

I submitted photos online to Playboy since I could not afford to fly out to a casting call. A month later I was flown out to LA to do 2 photo sets. Ever since, I have been a part of the Playboy family and still work with them currently.

How does someone, let’s say an adult industry agent, cold call a beautiful woman like yourself, ask them if they’d like to have sex on camera, and not make it sounds super creepy?

For me it is kind of hard to say considering the fact that I have always been curious about porn. It’s all about timing. A woman has to feel comfortable with her sexuality and exposing herself freely. The woman should do her research on the agent/agency she is contacted by and go from there. Make sure he comes off professional and not “creepy”.

As everyone can see in these pictures, your body is smoking hot. If you had to pick your favorite feature, what would it be?

Eyes, Smile, Tits & Ass in that order.

When you’re not shooting pictures or videos, how do you spend your day?

Lounging or Traveling, Depending on my mood. It’s nice to be able to relax by the pool or have time to go off on an adventure in the city, etc. Whatever the mood strikes…

Can you tell us about the best sex you’ve ever had?

The best sex I ever had was when I was in Vegas. It involved being inside on the hotel bed, outside on the hotel balcony, getting wet (literally) in the hotel shower and a few different positions: missionary, spoon, doggy & 69. The sex lasted longer than 2 hrs switching from fast-slow pace & rough-gentle movement. I orgasmed at least three times.

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If you’re a sexy Latina, how come your last name is French?

I wanted the word love to be incorporated in my name without it sounding corny. I kept the French theme bc my previous stage name was “Chloe Michele”. Michele being French. “Amor” seemed too obvious considering I’m Latina and “Amore” too cheesy.

“Amour” still has the same ring as “Amor” but with the slight difference of spelling with the u. As well, I have always been fascinated with French people’s sexuality. I feel Like they exude it.

The way French people talk and are open to hooking up with men/women is sexy to me. It’s the way it’s been portrayed of what makes me think sexy should be. Sex should be Sexy, and when you’re in love that’s the best ultimate kind of sex people can feel but not everyone experiences. Hence the name Amour.

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