Dan Bilzerian Threw A Pornstar Off A Roof

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Dan Bilzerian is a venture capitalist, poker player, and actor that dubbed himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” because men are always finding new ways to overcompensate for limp, shrivelled penises.

As if calling himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” wasn’t bad enough, Dan Bilzerian thought it was a good idea to grab pornstar and total babe Janice Griffith by the vagina during a Hustler shoot at his mansion and throw her head first into his pool…from the roof of his mansion…SHAKING MY HEAD!

Janice Griffith broke her foot, but at least someone caught it on video. Let’s watch Dan Bilzerian throw pornstar Janice Griffith off a roof.

Maybe it’s just me, but for me, watching Janice Griffith fall into the pool is absolutely terrifying. When I watched the video for the first time, all I thought to myself was, “That poor girl’s neck is for sure broken.” Though it sucks she broke her foot, it could have been way worse.

I gotta say, I can’t believe that Dan Bilzerian would think it’s a good idea to throw anyone off his roof. I can only assume that he was trying impress Janice and all the other pornstars hanging out at his mansion. Guys, nearly killing and breaking the foot of a hot babe is no way to impress them. I would have hoped that you would have all learned that bullying is not a good means of attracting women back in your playground days, but I shouldn’t be surprised since this douche doesn’t know that. Only someone stupid enough to throw someone off his roof would also consider himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy”.

So now Janice is just chilling at home with a broken foot, not working:

You should tweet at her and wish her a speedy recover! Janice Griffith’s Twitter: @TheJaniceXXX

Personally, I’d like to see Janice Griffith shoot some porn with her cast on. There’s something about babes in casts that’s very sexy to me. A girl in a cast says to me, “I’m comfortable with danger and I don’t give no fucks.” So fingers crossed Janice gets to work with her cast on!

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