The Dance Moves That Women Are Most Attracted To


Malena Morgan demonstrates dance that men find most attractive (topless dancing).

When it comes to attracting women, I’ve always been handicapped by my hatred of dance. I’m a man of limited grace so I prefer to save the few moves I have for the bedroom. Better to blow a babe away in bed rather than blow your load on the dance-floor.

But it’s cool because as a expert sexpert, attracting women is so easy for me that I need some handicap so that I can better relate to you guys.

Anyways, dancing! Dancing with a woman is an excellent way of attracting her because it’s pretty much form of foreplay. You’re up close, sweaty, grinding your junks together. It’s impossible not to get turned on!

But what dance moves should you be doing to attract women? It’s a question that’s plague uncoordinated schmucks like you and me, but thankfully a group of evolutionary biologists claim to have figured out exactly which dance moves that women are most attracted to. 

Researchers at Northumbria University and the University of Gottingen set up the following experiment to figure out which dance moves women are most attracted to: they recruited 30 men to dance to a drum beat for 30 seconds, without any specific instruction on how to dance beforehand. Their movements were recorded and each 30-second routine was used to animate a “featureless, gender-neutral” avatar. They then asked thirty-seven women to view each of the dancing avatars and rate their performance on a seven-point scale.

Here’s an example of the videos the women were asked to rate:

The researchers then isolated three key body regions – the central body (neck, torso), legs (knees, hips, ankles), and arms (shoulders, elbows, wrists). For each dancer, they then measured the degree and type of movement at each joint- speed, size, and variety of movements like twisting, bending, and tilting.

The women rated dancers higher when they showed larger and more variable movements of the head, neck, and torso. Leg speed and movement was also important, in particular bending and twisting of the right knee. Strangely enough, dancers that favored their left leg were rated poorly. And arm movements didn’t affect dancing ability in any way.

So when it comes to dance moves:

  1. Move your head, torso, and neck in a big way.
  2. Bend and twist your right leg and knee.
  3. Stay away from your left leg.
  4. Don’t think about your arms because it doesn’t matter.

You can use this picture for reference:


Thanks Washington Post.

And ladies, if you’re wondering what dance moves you can use to attract men, any of these will do:

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