Danica Patrick Nip Slip

danica patrick nip slip cover Danica Patrick Nip Slip

Danica Patrick Nip Slip!

On January 28th, Swim Daily shared a throwback gallery of Danica Patrick which included this sexy selfie with a bit of nipple exposed.

Take a look at the unedited version:   

qZKdkQN Danica Patrick Nip Slip

TMZ noticed Danica Patrick’s nip slip in the gallery and the photo has been removed from Swim Daily’s Danica Patrick gallery.

What’s strange is that the gallery still contains two Danica Patrick nip slip pictures. Let’s see them now:

danicapatrick1 Danica Patrick Nip Slip danicapatrick2 Danica Patrick Nip Slip

So I guess you can show a famous female “athlete”‘s nipples if they’re barely obscured by a see-through shirt, but a bare nipple is unacceptable.

That’s a dang shame. Didn’t anyone tell them that we love nipples?

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Published on: February 18, 2014

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