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Did you check out the post Kelly Brook: Homewrecker” from earlier today? Well if you haven’t seen it yet, go look at because it has new Kelly Brook pictures and it’s also the inspiration for this what you’re about to read.

I’ll wait until you’ve read it.


Ok. So the Manchester man got in trouble with his wife because he was publicly fantasizing about one wild night of sex with Kelly Brook.

Who can blame him, right? We all fantasize about different babes. But what I’ve noticed is that most people’s fantasies are limited to just one romp.

People say, “Oh yeah, I’d like to fuck her,” or “I’d hit that all night.” Rarely do I ever hear people say, “I would wifey that.” (to wifey a girl is to treat her right because she’s more than just your lady, FYI)

I think there are three reasons for why we don’t usually fantasize about anything more than just an evening of sex with our favorite pornstars.

1) All we see of them is sex. This then alters our perception of the pornstar. When we only see one side of a person, that becomes our understanding of them. So if we only see our favorite pornstars having sex, they aren’t real people to us. Unfortunately, we only perceive them as sexual objects. That’s why our only desire is for sex and not any form of relationship.

2) Pornstars have sex with other people for a living. Accepting that it’s a performance and not a physical expression of love is hard notion for anyone to get adjusted to. Since we see them having sex with multiple partners in various situations, it seems plausible that we could be that guy that gets thrown in for sex without any consequences. Not to mention, the chances that you’re the only person fantasizing about one particular pornstar is very low. She’s been seen naked or having sex by millions of people. Wouldn’t that make you uncomfortable knowing that your girlfriend was fap-material for the rest of the world?

3) Relationships are hard. Why spoil a perfectly good sexual fantasy with hardship and responsibility? No thanks!

Then on top of those reasons, you’d have to do some serious explaining every time someone met your girlfriend. It would probably be like, “Yes. She’s a pornstar. I masturbated to her every night before we met. But now we’re very happy together.”

I’m curious to know whether or not you guys would be interested in more than just sex with a pornstar. Should the opportunity ever arise, would you try to pursue a relationship with them?

So tell me. If you had the chance, would you date a pornstar? Not just sex. An actual relationship.


You’d be crazy not to lock this down

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