Dating Tips For Students

Student Dating

Hey, here is a featured article from our guest Laura Christina, she’s a Montreal-based writer and artist.

If you’re a student or not, check these four recommendations and start dating again!


You’ve been making eyes at each other over boring lectures and trying to get put together on group

assignments for weeks – it’s time for the often overthought ritual known as the first date of two college

students. Here are some tips to keep yourself from overanalyzing the moment and letting things

become awkward and flat.


1. Consider the cost. Most college students are on some form of financial aid, or work menial jobs

for not enough pay while they complete their degrees. Free concerts and cheap movie matinees

are a good bet. Don’t let stress about money ruin your good time.


2. Go off-campus. You don’t want to be interrupted by people you know, it’s just awkward. Find

somewhere that won’t be crammed with studying students.


3. DON’T make it a study date! If things go well, you won’t get any studying done. If they don’t, it

will be the most depressing study session you’ve ever had.


4. Make it interesting! College is a time to try new things and discover new interests. Go to a

museum or a gallery, or just somewhere local that you’ve never been before. It’ll give you

something to talk about.

You’re ready – just have fun! College is about learning, sure, but it’s also about meeting people and

putting yourself out there.


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