Dinner With Silvie Delux

Silvie delux sexy

Silvie / Simona

Some people know this babe as Silvie Delux. Others, like the good people at JoyMii, know her as Simona.

It sucks when one person goes by multiple names because you never really know who you’re talking about. Normally it would bother me, but if Silvie Delux invited me over for dinner, drinks, and hot sex, I wouldn’t care what her name was!

I could call her Silvie, Simona, Mistress, ANYTHING SHE WANTED. Because the only thing that really matters is having those long, sexy legs wrap around you. Hell, you might even forget your own name when you see just how sexy Silvie Delux / Simona is at this sensual dinner party. 






Just want to let you know that all my evenings are now free if you want to invite me over for dinner. Say the word and I’ll come through.

Until I get that invite from her, I’m going to be enjoying some quality time on JoyMii. I suggest you all do the same:


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Published on: October 28, 2013

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