Eating Vegetables Makes You More Attractive


Vegetables: The Sexiest Food

Vegetables have proven to improve the taste of semen, improve the taste of vaginas, and contribute to an overall healthy life. Now a new study suggests that eating lots of vegetables can make you more attractive. 

A British research team rounded up 56 people and showed half of them photos of Caucasian faces that were altered to look either yellow or purple. The other half of participants were shown the same color-toned faces, however the faces had been scrambled.

From Discover:

Researchers found that participants rated yellowish faces as more attractive than faces with unhealthier color. But participants who saw scrambled images showed no preference between the two color palettes. Thus it appears that the yellow color of faces is attractive for its message about a person’s underlying health, “not because of a sensory bias towards yellow colors,” write the authors in Biology Letters.

In other words, being healthy makes you innately more attractive to those around you! It’s probably an instinct that was developed in humans millions of years ago. You know, because you wouldn’t want to choose a mate that would just keel over and die in the harsh pre-historic climate. Right?

Question: How does one get this yellow, healthy glow to attract more potential mates for sex?


What is CAROTENOID? Carotenoid is an organic pigment which the human body turns into Vitamin A.

So eat lots of sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, apricots, spinach, and broccoli and you’ll be the most attractive person ever!

Once you’re more attractive from eating lots of vegetables, the key to attracting potential mates for sex is as simple as being confident, you stupid idiot. Though I’m sure eating healthy food will make you feel more confident. Circle of life, baby.

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Published on: December 5, 2013

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