Elle Alexandra Talks About The Twistys Boycott


Elle Alexandra

It’s been almost two weeks since Emily Addison, Vanessa Veracruz, Bree Daniels, Sabrina Marie and Elle Alexandra launched their Twistys Boycott in response to the Treat of the Year controversy.

Curious for an update on the boycott, I spoke with the always lovely Elle Alexandra to see what’s happening. So enjoy my all too brief interview with Elle Alexandra!

Chico: Hello?

Elle AlexandraHi! Hang on, I’m sitting outside and there are random chunks of ice flying in my face! Ok. Alright. Hi.

C: So this Twistys boycott is about more than just them rigging the contest, right?

It is about more than that. It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. There has been a long history of changes since the MindGeek/Manwin takeover of these companies. There are have been a lot of things people have been unhappy with, as far as changing the amount of photos and adding the amount of B/G content. Especially since Twistys as brand has always been about G/G and solo.

As for the Twistys Treat of the Year contest, members vote. Models campaign. Nicole Aniston won and Vanessa Veracruz was runner-up. To take those votes and replace them with a girl that’s more “marketable” than Vanessa, that’s when we had had enough. 

Why are they changing the brand identity from G/G and solo in favor of more B/G? Is it more marketable? Is it more profitable?

That’s a great question.

Yes it is, thank you.

But I can’t answer that. We don’t know why they’re doing more B/G. We’re still waiting for them to answer that.

Why do you think they haven’t responded to the allegations of rigging the vote and banning their members and models from their forums?

 I don’t think they’ve said anything because any acknowledgement would be an admission of guilt. The thing with MindGeek (Twistys parent company) is that it’s a corporation.

The adult industry is very tight knit. Despite what people might think, it is a community. So when a corporation comes into a community, crunching numbers, attempting to undermine the ties of the community, we band together because we’re not happy. We’re all friends. We all do the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you do G/G or B/G, it’s the sex industry.

Basically, we feel like MindGeek is taking away that community aspect of the adult industry. We feel like we’re being treated like numbers when working for MindGeek companies. Not just models but photographers and other people on the production side.

Have you spoken to Madison Ivy about the controversy?

I haven’t gotten to speak to her about it. She’s not allowed to say anything because she’s under contract with Brazzers (a MindGeek company). She did apologize to Vanessa. It’s no fault of Madison Ivy’s. She’s actually such a sweet girl. It sucks that she’s caught in the middle of all this drama.

Do you feel like your niche, G/G and solo stuff, is being threatened?

Haha. I don’t know about threatened. It’s just a huge slap in face. Especially coming from a company like Twisty’s that’s always thrived off G/G performers. I mean like, look at the Top 25 on Twistys.com. Most of them are G/G performers only.

Shit really hit the fan when they started banning their models and members off the forums. Censoring people that disagree with you just isn’t right.



No it ain’t. And I hear that you’ve been blacklisted from shooting with any MindGeek companies.

Yeah it seems that way. Which is funny because they refuse to make a public statement but their actions show that their pissed.

So if you’re blacklisted from shooting with the MindGeek monopoly, who will you shoot with?

Oh don’t worry. There are plenty of companies that aren’t MindGeek owned that actually do respect their members and respect their models. X-Art, VIPArea.com, ZeroTolerance. There are lots of companies out there that will still support us.

When I first heard about the boycott, my first reaction was, “I really hope these girls come together to start their own brand. Do their own thing.”

Obviously it’s a lot of work, but given what’s happened I’d really like to see all of you seize control over your careers and create something where you have control over the content.

I don’t want to brag but 88% of people that read this blog also think that too. What do you think of creating your own site to feature G/G and solo erotica?

Well…we have some tricks up our sleeves. You’re going to have to wait around to for a bit but I guarantee that we have some tricks up our sleeves.

That’s all I needed to hear. Last question, if a young man who wrote the Sex.com Blog were to get a sex change to impress/seduce you, what would you think about that?


Hello? Elle? You still there?

Listen to Elle and Vanessa talk about the Twistys controversy on the Just Guys Talk Radio Show.

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Elle Alexandra