Emily Ratajkowski Spreads Christmas Cheer In Festive Lingerie


Emily Ratajkowski

Having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit? It may only be December 3rd 2013 but if you don’t get into the Christmas spirit today, you risk becoming a mean old Mr. Grinch all season long.

Don’t worry! Emily Ratajkowski is here to spread Christmas cheer by showing off that sexy body in some festive lingerie!

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit with some help from Emily Ratajkowski’s sexiness:


You know what I don’t get?

Why does Ms Claus always have to be some old lady? Why can’t she be a sexy fox like Emily Ratajkowski? Obviously Santa is a huge pimp, everyone loves him. You’d think he’d be able to pull a hottie up to the North Pole so that she could give his North Pole a polishing…or a ride?

Excuse. Emily Ratajkowski has filled me with horny feelings and holiday cheer. It’s very confusing.

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Published on: December 3, 2013

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  • Samuel Bem Mark

    merry xmas to u too

  • Samuel Bem Mark

    hi Emi can i meet ya

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    Brother you are the only one that can make me suvive in this live pls help me…thank u I love sex

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  • navid

    Life is something you and me see it!

    We’re just watching it, but do not understand it.

    Occasionally sighted, blind ambition and the desire to not see it ……

    Lives blind, but sees only touches ….

    Let’s put a blind in his place …

    I do not know you, but I do ….

    I do not want this moment I can not even.

    The meaning of my life: hard, suffer, longing for the old days of eating, burning and dying in … notes.

    After a moment, however, why can not I be her?

    This time I shut my eyes, I do my best to accommodate your going blind. Suddenly the sentence eat … my breath is in your chest, I get confused between the collector and a helping hand to reject violence.


    I opened my eyes, I stood firm on my feet and looked to himself. Drift tears were flowing from my eyes … said to myself:

    What did his unjust?

    Why not throw away the grudges?, Why can not I create happy moments for themselves, why can not the toughest conditions laugh easily?

    Why not?

    But I lived a few years longer?

    How I wish every day I do not fear death, but I can not live like a blind man?

    Despite all the evils of the world, blind to everything beautiful visualization.

    The best teacher for all those who see me blind.

    Blind taught me:

    Moments in life that I am breathing.

    So as long as I breathe, be happy and enjoy ….

    Hope that day
    Hope that day to be with you and all my sorrows away …You are very beautiful and lovely…

  • rick dunn

    WTF is going on in these comments?

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ Chico Dusty

    I dunno man.