Emily Ratajkowski is Super Fly

Emily Ratajkowski, sexy, model, topless

Emily, why the hell did you steal my car??

Emily Ratajkowski is sexy as hell.  She’s also one of the fashion industry’s biggest ‘IT GIRLS‘ right now.  She has spent some time modelling for photo shoots and magazine covers, but seems to be really breaking into the mainstream with her crossover into the music video industry.

If you like trying to find music videos that have partial nudity in them (like me!) then you’ve probably already seen Emily’s main claim to fame.  She recently starred in the music video for Robin Thicke’s dumb, boring pop jam “Blurred Lines.”

You know that lame dude Robin Thicke who made that pop hit “Blurred Lines” and was on stage for Miley Cyrus’s breakdown?

Dude is lucky as hell.  Here are the reasons that Robin Thicke is so goddamn luck:

A) because he’s somehow famous despite making very crappy music.

B) because he got to co-star in the Blurred Lines video with one of the hottest models around right now, Emily Ratjkowski.  Oh right, I guess he’s famous because he constantly surrounds himself with gorgeous women.  Makes sense.  That’s my 2014 New Year’s Resolution, coincidentally: surround myself with attractive models at all times.

Emily Ratajkowski recently did a photo shoot with photographer Magadalena Wosinska.  Check out her sexy shoot in the photo gallery below:

I wish that I was that sports car so that Emily could climb inside of me.

Whenever I drive around in a sports car lifting my shirt up for the world to see I usually get booed and sometimes pulled over by the cops.  I guess what they say is true, beautiful people don’t have to follow the laws of the highway.

That’s what my former parole officer said anyways.

You’ll be hearing a lot more of Emily Ratajkowski’s name in the coming months, as she is slated to co-star with Ben Affleck in David Fincher’s upcoming mystery thriller, entitled “Gone Girl.”

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