Erica Yary: Skateboarding’s Crush

Erica Yary

Erica Yary

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in California, which means we have to deal with long winters. For the most part, non-Californians only get to go skateboarding from early April to late December. And that’s being generous. God knows there’s always a freak snowstorm about to hit once the snow melts the first time and you’ve set up your new bearings.

But hey! It’s already early April, which means the only thing we have to worry about is lots of rain. It’s time for us to get our stoke back, which can be done by watching skate videos or by making the babe that every skater has a crush on, Erica Yary, Babe of the Day.

Given the nature of this blog, I think it’s obvious that we’ll go with making Erica Yary the Babe of the Day.

Erica Yary

Skateboarders for the most part are butt-ugly mutants. I’m sorry but it’s true. Why else would we have segregated anyone remotely good-looking to Team Handsome? Whether you like it or not, skateboarding attracts ugly people because they tend to have the weird personality or fashion sense needed to be successful in skateboarding.

Also, it’s important to note how male dominated  skateboarding is. It’s rare a female can hang with your crew. I think it was Arto Saari who drew the parallel in Thrasher a long, long time ago between skaters and pirates: neither allow women on board their ships because it’s too distracting.

For every rule, there are exceptions. Erica Yary is the exception to two rules:

1) She’s a girl

2) She’s gorgeous

I’m not sure how she was able to integrate herself into skateboarding despite being a sexy, girl but I’m thankful she did. Skateboarding needs more hot babes with fucking awesome attitudes like Erica Yary. Actually, the whole world needs more hot babes with good attitudes.

Anyways, Erica Yary is the Babe of the Day:

*Normally, this would be the part of Babe of the Day, where you’re bombarded with sexy pictures of the Babe of the Day but Erica Yary is too cool to be caught posing, though that picture of her holding all that money is very sexy. So just enjoy watching her answer questions from the Slap Pals, where you should not only notice her sexy looks but also her sexy attitude.

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I wonder if this new generation of skateboarders feels about Erica Yary the way my generation felt/feels about Rosa the Shorty’s model.


Rosa was for sure the only sexy woman in skateboarding for a long time. Have the Hubba models desensitized skaters to sex?

All very interesting questions, but no time to think of answers, got to go skate.

Congratulations, Erica Yary, you’re the Babe of the Day.

For more of Babe of the Day, Erica Yary make sure to watch Weekend Buzz every Friday.

Come back tomorrow for a more conventional Babe of the Day or check out the Babe of the Day archives.

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