An Eva Green Sex Scene From The New 300 Movie


Eva Green

You know what’s been puzzling me for the last few weeks? I can’t figure out why there’s a new 300 movie.

The first 300 movie came out 8 years ago. Is 2014 really the time to make a sequel? The answer is simply, NO.

I understand that the way the Hollywood system works is that they only produce movies they know will make money. And if 300 made $70,885,301 in its opening weekend then why wouldn’t a sequel do the same thing?

Anyways, I have totally written off the new 300 movie because too much time has passed since the original came out and I’ve never been that interested in seeing a bunch of men with too much testosterone fighting over who has more testosterone. However, I learned today that the new 300 movie does have some merit because it does contain a new Eva Green sex scene.

If the news of a new Eva Green sex scene doesn’t get you excited, then watch this 17 minute compilation of all of Eva Green’s past sex scenes.

Awesome, right?

Unfortunately, I can’t show you footage of Eva Green’s new sex scene. If you’re dying to see it, I recommend going to the theatre and leaving as soon as it’s over and encouraging the rest of the people in the theatre to leave also in protest of this dumb sequel.

I can show you some GIFs of Eva Green’s new sex scene! Enjoy!


Ok. Now we wait for this movie to come out on DVD.

Hey Hollywood! More Eva Green sex scenes please!

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Published on: March 12, 2014

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