Eva Longoria Named Maxim’s Woman of the Year


Eva Longoria

Big news everyone! Maxim just announced their Woman of the Year and it’s…


What? Eva Longoria? Really? What year did she win Woman of the Year for, 2008? No? This year? Crazy. Good for you, Eva!

If you’re confused as to why Eva Longoria is the recipient of Maxim‘s most prestigious award, allow me to break it down for you after the jump. 

The reason I was surprised to see Eva Longoria win Woman of the Year is because she hasn’t really been in any movies or TV shows this past year. She had a supporting role in Crazy Kind of Love (a movie I’ve never heard of), a starring role in Mother-Up (an animated internet show that I’ve never heard of), and a guest appearance on The Simpsons (great show, you guys should check it out).

So why award her with Woman of the Year when her career has cooled off since Desperate Housewives ended in 2012? Well, I believe it’s in part because she’s branching out from acting.

Eva Longoria in the past year became an executive producer for a new show called Devious Maids and she’s been an outspoken advocate for Latino-American issues as outlined in a New York Times profile earlier this year.

Branching out from acting!

Furthermore, Eva Longoria has been busy getting her master’s degree. In fact, she had to reschedule her Maxim interview in order to present her thesis.

Very cool. Why wouldn’t you give Woman of the Year to a gorgeous lady trying to positively reinvent herself?

I also suspect that Eva Longoria won Woman of the Year so that Maxim can reap the rewards of nostalgia. People haven’t seen much of Eva Longoria recently and to see her on the cover of Maxim might elicit a “Oh yeah. I forgot about Eva Longoria. She’s hot. I’ll buy this magazine”-reaction.

But ultimately, the real reason Eva Longoria won Woman of the Year is because at 38 she’s still that gorgeous Latina that made our jaws drop when we saw her for the first time in 2004.

Seriously, just look at these pictures:

Damn. What the heck was Tony Parker thinking cheating on Eva Longoria?

Eva Longoria certainly wasn’t the obvious choice for Woman of the Year but it sure as hell wasn’t a bad choice.

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