Evan Rachel Wood’s Deleted Sex Scene Got Her Mad

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ERW Evan Rachel Woods Deleted Sex Scene Got Her Mad

Evan Rachel Wood

Actress Evan Rachel Wood is furious at the MPAA because a sex scene from her upcoming movie Charlie Countryman was cut to avoid getting an NC-17 rating.

Check out the Twitter rant ERW went on slamming Hollywood censors for promoting a double standard: 

I wonder what year this person from the MPAA is living in because it’s definitely not 2013.

Though I’m sure the results will be a little bit biased because Sex.com is a porn site where everyone comes to see explicit pictures and videos featuring cunnilingus, but I’d like to put this anonymous prude’s theory to the test.

Does seeing a woman receive oral sex in a Hollywood movie make you uncomfortable?

Obviously seeing a woman receive oral sex in a Hollywood movie could make a person uncomfortable given the circumstances in which they are watching the movie. Like if they’re watching it at an airport gate or with their parents. That’d be a little weird but otherwise, WHO CARES?

The only cunnilingus scenes in Hollywood movies I can think of are in lewd comedies like American Pie or Scary Movie. When it’s presented in a comedic context it’s fine, but when it’s done in a dramatic context it’s not ok?

Men aren’t opposed to giving head anymore (were they ever really?). Even rap music, which is hyper-masculine, openly talks about eating pussy. So why can’t you show it Hollywood?

Hopefully someday the unaltered scene surfaces and we can all see the Evan Rachel Wood sex scene that got her so upset. But in the meantime, it’s so sick that Evan Rachel Wood stood up to the MPAA. Fingers crossed that this is the turning point where the mainstream stopped being so afraid of sex, particularly the “absurd” notion that women enjoy it.

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