Not Even A Naked Kim Kardashian Can Save This Kanye West Video


Kim Kardashian in “Bound 2″

Kanye West released the third music video from his album Yeezus today by appearing on Ellen Degeneres’s show. Wait what? Premiering a rap video on Ellen? That doesn’t seem right…

Despite being the greatest artist of all time (his words not mine), Kanye West’s new music video is garbage. It’s three and a half minutes of Kanye West on a motorcycle and stock footage of what I assume are supposed to be romantic things like horses running and landscapes. The “Bound 2″ video looks like it was made at the mall for 50 bucks. Remember those places that let you make a music video at the mall?

Predictably, a naked Kim Kardashian makes an appearance. There’s some implied motorcycle sex between Kanye and Kim but even that can save “Bound 2″ from being one of the most boring music videos of all time.

WARNING: “Bound 2″ might bore you to death. Watch at your own risk:

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I’m so sorry for making you watch that. I guess even Kanye West, the greatest artist of all time (his words not mine), has to phone it in sometimes.

Kanye, if you’re going to put a naked Kim Kardashian in your next music video, please use it properly. Something more along the lines of Kim Kardashian naked in this video:

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Ray J brought to you by

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Published on: November 19, 2013

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